Allmax Citrulline Malate Powder

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Why Should You Supplement With Allmax Citrulline Malate?

Simple... ALLMAX CITRULLINE MALATE can improve training intensity, endurance and speed of recovery.  It performs this through 5 main functions:

  1. Increases blood Arginine levels (gram for gram at double the level of Arginine).
  2. Increases endothelial Nitric Oxide (NO) levels thereby improving vascular function and blood flow.
  3. Improves kidney bicarbonate reabsorption providing a powerful buffer against increasing muscle acidification during intense training.
  4. Detoxifies fatigued muscle tissue by removing ammonia (a toxin that can increase 3-fold during intense training).
  5. Rapidly replenishes PCr (phospho-creatine) stores, PCr is a key storage of energy muscles tap into.

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Citrulline Malate 2:1 Powder By Allmax Nutrition, 80 Grams Image Citrulline Malate 2:1 Powder By Allmax Nutrition, 80 Grams
Allmax Citrulline Malate Powder, 300 Grams Allmax Citrulline Malate Powder, 300 Grams
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