What Is Whey Protein?

What Is Whey Protein?

If you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain your physique, protein is an essential for your diet. Between food sources and supplemental sources, you have a wide variety of options to fill your macro requirements. The most popular protein supplement chosen by bodybuilder and everyday gym-goers alike is protein powder. There are a few versions of protein powder to fit your lifestyle best; such as whey protein, casein protein, beef protein, and pea/plant based protein. But what is whey protein?

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Whey protein

Whey is a product of milk. There are two forms of protein that can be derived from milk, whey and casein. Whey is the liquid product made during the cheese and curd production process. There are several forms of whey protein that can be utilized for different lifestyles. These include Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate, and Whey Hydrolysate. Of these options whey concentrate is the most popular.

What is Whey Concentrate

Whey concentrate is going to be the cheapest form of whey protein. Once the curd and whey have been separated, the whey goes through filtration. The filtration process for whey concentrate brings the mixture to about 80% protein. This process can and will be continued for a higher percentage of protein (for Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate). The other 20% of this mixture will contain other nutrients, such as fats and carbohydrates.

What is Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate

As mentioned above, the filtration process can be continued to get a higher percentage of protein. For whey isolate and hydrolysate this means getting that percentage to around 90%. A higher percentage of protein means less other nutrients. In addition to having a lower percentage of other nutrients, these forms of whey are better for people with minor lactose sensitivities, this means less bloating and gas. For people who are lactose intolerant and have more severe symptoms, this option may not be the best for you. We would recommend beef protein or a plant based protein instead. For someone with not severe symptoms, you could benefit from whey isolate or whey hydrolysate. Whey hydrolysate is one of the purest forms of whey protein. In addition to being low fat, low carbs, and high protein, it has digestive enzymes. This is going to help break down the protein further.

What Are The Benefits ?

Supplementing with whey protein has several benefits. The most obvious being that supplementing with protein will aid in muscle growth and repair. However whey protein also aids in fat burning, helps with reducing cravings, and can boost your overall immunity. By adding whey to your diet, it can help regulate both ghrelin and leptin (the hormones controlling appetite). This can aid in preventing snacking out of boredom. Because whey protein promotes the synthesis of glutathione, it works to boost your immune system as well.

What To Look For ?

When it comes to selecting the right protein for yourself, there are some things to keep in mind. Such as: are your own diet, when you would chose to supplement with it, price range, and your dietary needs. So shopping around for a quality protein supplement can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure what to look for. To help you navigate through tubs, here are some key things to look for depending on your goals.what is whey quickmass

  • For Gaining
    • If you’re looking to gain weight, eating at a surplus is necessary. However if you struggle getting in meals, a weight gainer protein can be essential. For these products you’re going to look at the calories per serving v.s. protein per servings. As a reference protein has 4 calories per gram. So if you want to have more of lean bulk, look for a weight gainer with a higher protein per serving. Most weight gainers will contain high carbs and fat, this can be from sugar like dextrose but it depends on the product. Our personal favorites in this category are Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass and AllMax Quickmass.
  • For Cuttingwhat is whey protein Iso 100
    • If you’re looking to tone up or get shredded, protein is still an essential for your diet. Again this means looking at your calorie to protein ratio. For this category, we highly recommend Isolate or Hydolysate proteins. These protein options are high in protein, and low in carbs and fats, while also being low calories. Our personal favorites in this category are Dymatize Iso100, Optimum Nutrition HydroWhey, and Nature’s Best Isopure Zero Carb.


  • For Maintainingwhat is Whey protein gold standarded
    • If you’re just looking to get more protein in your diet then whey concentrate is perfect. If you’re not dieting, not competing, and don’t have a sensitivity to lactose, this is the optimal choice of protein for you. When looking for the perfect whey concentrate protein, price and flavor are most likely going to hold the largest weight in your criteria check list. Our personal favorites in this category are Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, Universal Nutrition Animal Whey, and BSN Syntha 6.




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