Lipodrene Vs Hydroxyelite – 5 Things To Know Before You Buy!

5 Things To Know Before You Buy Lipodrene Vs Hydroxyelite

Trying to find the best fat burner can be difficult; especially when there are so many of them. In this article we’ll go over 2 of the most popular ones: Hydroxyelite and Lipodrene.
We’ll break down:

  • What’s the same?
  • What’s different?
  • Advantages of each


1. Tablets Vs Capsules

One of the major differences in these fat burners is how they are consumed. Hydroxyelite contains 90 capsules, whereas Lipodrene contains 100 tablets per bottle.

So Why Does This Matter?

There actually are some pros and cons to using either capsules or tablets. 1

Capsule Pros:

  • Unique mixes of ingredients are possible
  • Protection for sensitive ingredients
  • You can open capsules to get the powdered content
  • Reduced gastrointestinal irritation
  • Oil and fat-soluble nutrient delivery
  • Easier to mask taste
  • Perceived as being more effective
  • Perceived as being easier to swallow

Tablet Pros:

  • Scored tablets make it possible for dose splitting
  • Chew-able tablets are available
  • Controlled release agents used in tablets can aid specific nutrient uptake

Capsule Cons:

  • Bulky materials can result in large capsule size
  • Ingredients can interact with capsule shell
  • Limited fill weight based on capsule volumes
  • Variation in fill volume can occur

Tablet Cons:

  • Possible poor disintegration in the GI tract
  • Granulation technique can add heat/moisture to components
  • Potential sensitivities to coatings

What Does That Mean For Me ?

Well as with many things, it can come down to preference. If you like to split your dosages, it may be easier to break up a tablet than to open a capsule. If you struggle with swallowing pills Hydroxyelite may be the better option for you.



2. Lots Of Stims Vs Not A Lot Of Stims

When you consume stimulants, like caffeine, it can increase fatty acid oxidation 2. Additionally with any stimulant, there will be some degree of other properties.

In both Lipodrene and Hydroxyelite, we have Caffeine and 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl. These are actually the only shared ingredients between these products!

When you compare the labels, you can see that Lipodrene has the most active ingredients. Most of these ingredients are stimulants. These include some strong stimulants like Ephedra, Senegalia Berlandieri, Synephrine HCl, and Theophylline. As well as some less weaker one like; Theobromine, Green Tea Extract, and Yohimbine HCl.

Whereas in Hydroxyelite, there are only a few stimulants. These include Rauwolscine, Cirsium Oligophyllum, and Walnut Bark Extract. And of course the Caffeine and 2-Aminoisoheptane HCl.


What Does That Mean For Me ?

If you’re looking for a fat burner that promotes lots of energy Lipodrene is for you. But we would recommend Hydroxyelite if you have low tolerance to stims. Or if you haven’t used a fat burner before.

Lipodrene hydroxyelite thermogenic v appetite suppression

3. Thermogenesis Vs Appetite Suppression

As we mentioned above, ingredients can have many functions. In Lipodrene and Hydroxyelite, the stimulants listed above will dive into these properties. As well as some individual ingredients.


Thermogenesis refers to a process of increasing your metabolism. A higher metabolism means your body is actively burning calories. Rather than storing them as fat. When you’re body is burning calories, it generates more heat. To conclude, thermogenics aid in increasing the efficiency you burn calories 3.

In Lipodrene, two key ingredient for thermogenesis is Synephrine HCl and Yohimbine HCl. Synephrine works by acting like natural adrenaline when ingested. This helps increase metabolism and boost energy without increasing blood pressure 4.

There are a couple of ways yohimbine functions. The main way is through blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors located in fat cells. Once yohimbine has bound with a fat cell, it “turns off” the alpha receptor. Which allows the fat cells to mobilize and burn off 5.

In Hydroxyelite, we have Rauwolscine which is a diastereoisomers of Yohimbine. Because of this it has very similar effects as yohimbine.

Appetite Suppression

All the stimulants will aid in appetite suppression. Additionally in lipodrene, Hoodia Extract may promote appetite suppression. But we will need more research to solidify it’s effects.

In Hydroxyelite, we have an ingredient called Garcinia Cambogia. The active ingredient in the extract is Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA). Research suggests that the HCA can help lower someone’s appetite. This is done through increasing serotonin 6 .

What Does That Mean For Me ?

This is what sets Lipodrene and Hydroxyelite apart. For individuals who struggle with diet restrictions, Hydroxyelite may be better for you.

But if you are eating well, but are still struggling to lose weight a thermogenic may be more useful. It’s important that before you decide what to buy, that you where you’re struggling.



4. What To Expect ?

If you have tried any fat burner before and hadn’t received results, you might be thinking:

“Well what if this doesn’t work?”

We cannot guarantee you will receive the results you want, and that goes for every/any product. We are all different and our experiences can and will vary. That aside, there are some trends we noticed.

We noticed individuals who used either Lipodrene or Hydroxyelite, don’t like other product. That could be sensitivity issue, or something as simple as it wasn’t what they were looking for.

So we expect users to feel a boost in energy and appetite suppression. Generally these are the most prominent effects of Lipodrene.

Hydroxyelite has stimulants and is generally promoted as a thermogenic. But we notice the appetite suppression to be the most prominent effect.


lipodrene hydroxyelite Reviews

5. Reviews Vs Reviews


Lipodrene Reviews:
  • Awesome Review by Brett

Great product and pretty fast delivery. Very happy (Posted on 3/11/2019)

  • Energy!! Review by Andrija

A lot of energy and a suppressed appetite. Just what I was looking for. I’ve lost about 10 lb in 10 days. (Posted on 3/1/2019)

  • Love this stuff! Review by dianne

I’ve been taking Lipodrene on & off for many years now. I’ve tried many others but always come back to this one! I like the energy & it helps curb my appetite. This was my first order from Same Day Supplements but will not be my last. I love the prices, quality products & speedy delivery! (Posted on 2/26/2019)hydroxyelite

Hydroxyelite Reviews:
  • Hydroxy Review by KyleLove these.

3rd time buying them. Good boost with negligible crash. (Posted on 3/13/2019)

  • It’s great, bursts of energy in middle of day Review by CarrieI

love this stuff!! I have had a couple bottles of it so far and there are a couple
Things I’ve learned. If you take two, take one early and another at like 1pm. I swear the energy can hit you at random times later on. Also, I’ll have a bowl of soup or something to snack on later and I feel like I am igniting the fuel! My friend who takes these also agrees.

So definitely take them early. I love how much it makes me focus IF I use it. Just get up and make sure to start something, and all of a sudden I am into doing all the laundry and cleaning for that day. You can use them for more than just working out. My boyfriend has used them to hike but I tell him to take it, wait 45 minutes and then go! Make sure to drink plenty of water with them and you will see weight loss! (Posted on 3/4/2019)

  • Energizing Review by iVictoria

It gave me energy and also seemed to suppress my appetite. (Posted on 2/23/2019)


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