Hydroxyelite (2015 Formula) : Oxyelite Pro Comeback?

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Your favorite Oxyelite Pro fat burning formula is back! Come check out the all new Hydroxyelite fat burner from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals!

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Oxyelite Pro by USP Labs was the number one selling thermogenic a few years ago. The product was revolutionary in the supplement industry and many people received great results while taking it. Sadly, the manufacturer USP Labs discontinued Oxyelite Pro which left huge void that no other fat burner could fill…until now.

Introducing Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Hydroxyelite!


What is Hydroxyelite?


Hydroxyelite is a new thermogenic by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals with nearly the exact formula as USP labs Oxyelite Pro with the addition of Garcinia Cambodia extract.





Garcinia Cambodia Extract


Garcinia Cambodia is a fruit that contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which acts to suppress appetite and enhance fat loss. HCA inhibits citrate lyase, an enzyme used to synthesize fat in the body. It also helps your body use glucose more efficiently, lowering blood sugar.


Essentially, this is an even better version of Oxyelite Pro!



The Million Dollar Question: Does this still contain 1,3 Dimethylamylamine HCl (DMAA) like Oxyelite Pro?

No.. not anymore

Now Hydroxyelite features 2-aminoisoheptane as its main stimulant as well as 50mg less of the Garcinia Cambodia extract and the addition of walnut bark extract. Since 2015, the FDA and DMAA have been going in and out of the courts and at least for now (2019) Hi-Tech is unable to manufacture this ingredient in their products. Other products in their line, or other brand’s line containing DMAA also have been reformulated without it.


What can I expect from Hydroxyelite?


If you have taken Oxyelite Pro in the past and enjoyed it, you can expect to see similar if not even better results with Hydroxyelite. If you are new to thermogenics, please note that this is a powerful product. You may need to assess your tolerance to stimulants before trying this product. Caffeine sensitive individuals may feel an even greater affect from the stimulant which can make you feel a bit jittery and uncomfortable.


For More Info, Check Out Trainer Joe B’s video on Hydroxyelite:


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