TMX Andro Stack, By EPG, DHEA Stack, 60 Caps

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TMX Andro Stack Benefits:

  • Metamorphic Muscle Volumizer †
  • Andro Edge Intensity †
  • Muscle Density †
  • Comprehensive DHEA Stack †
  • Intensifies Strength and Aggression †

TMX Andro Stack By EPG - 90 Caps - Testosterone Stimulator

The Accelerated delivery Matrix blend will thrust TMX Andro Stack into your muscles and veins. The Andro Edge intensity of this comprehensive DHEA stack intensifies your strength and aggression so you have the ability to lift hard and heavy. Experience what body builders who have taken 1-Andro with Bergamottin duribng a one month test study have found: Real muscle and strength gains with fat loss.

Why Take TMX Andro Stack?

Because TMX Andro STACK of 1-Andro and Epiadrosterone plus Laxogenin introduced via the accelerated delivery matrix blend gets you bigger, stronger, leaner and pumped up faster than any product available.


1-Androm commonly known as 1-DHEA is a potent muscle hardener that is very effective and fast acting. 1-Andro is a naturally occurring metabolote of DHEA that undergoes a two step conversion to be converted into the potent androgen 1-Testosterone, which is more than 2X anabolic than testosterone. Also, since water retention is minimal, gains of lean muscle mass and strength from this natural steroid are easy to maintain.


Researchers at West Texas A&M University examined 1-Andro closely. Subjects ingested 330 mg of 3-veta-hydroxy-5-alpha-androst-1-en-17-one (1-Andro) and 150 mg of 6,7-dihydrobergamottin. At the end of the month the athletes piled on roughly four kgs (8.8lbs) of lean body mass while losing over two kgs (4.4lbs) of fat while substantially increasing strength gains.

Andro Edge Intensity:

 Epiandrosterone is very androgenic which invreases strength and aggression giving users the ability to lift hard and heavy. It is especially good for strength gains, muscle density and definition. Epiandrosterone is a prohormone that converts to the natural male hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT and is a precursor to Stanolone.

  • Typical stand alon dosage is 300-400mg/day, best use in 4-6 week cycles.
  • 100mg of the DHEA compound Epiandro will give users the lean and muscle hardening effects that 10mg of Epistane would have. (10:1 vs Epistante)
  • Has neurological effects that when taken as a pre-workout can aid in strength, aggression and intensity.

How to Take EPG TMX Andro Stack:

TMX Andro can be used in a cycle for 4 weeks or 6 weeks. If running for 4 weeks, take one capsule of TMX Andro twice daily with food. If you are an aggressive user and want to go for 6 weeks, you will need two bottles. For a 6 week cycle take 3 capsules of TMX Andro a day spread out roughly 4-6 hours apart with food. Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules of TMX Andro daily with food for 4 weeks. Aggressive Users: Take 3 capsules of TMX Andro daily for up to 6 weeks (2 bottles).

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