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Proto Whey Benefits and Results:

  • 20 Grams of Protein Per Serving †
  • Pure High-DH Hydrolyzed Whey Protein †
  • 100% Micro Peptides †
  • Targeted Protein Delivery †
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Proto Whey By BNRG - Protein

Proto Whey is a Pure High-DH Hydrolyzed Whey Protein. Hydrolysis is the natural intestinal process of breaking down whole proteins found in food and supplements into smaller proteins, called peptides (Micro Peptides), and amino acids. DH is the Degree of Hydrolysis, which indicates the extent to which the protein has been broken down. Higher DH means more rapid and complete absorption. In order to be absorbed, protein must be hydrolyzed down to amino acids or to the smallest peptides, called di and tripeptides.Whole proteins, including whey isolates, concentrates, caseins, soy, and blends are large proteins and naturally contain little to no Micro Peptides, and no di andtripeptides. Proto Whey is 100% Micro Peptides, of which, up to 40% are di and tripeptides.

Targeted Protein Delivery:

The di and tripeptides in Proto Whey target the PEPT-1 transporter which transports over 8,400 different di and tripeptides. Whole protein digestion relies heavily on amino acid transporters which are far more specific and transport only a fraction of what PEPT-1 transporters do. The speed and efficiency of the PEPT-1 transport system allows for faster delivery of protein throughout the body and bypasses other systems that can limit the delivery of amino acids. Di and tripeptides carry metabolic information not present in amino acids. High-DH proteins delivery protein into the blood primarily as di and tripeptides whereas whole protein digestion often results in single amino acids.

More Proto Whey Advantages:

Proto Whey Requires less breakdown and digestive energy than whole proteins. Proto Whey Contains 10 grams of essential amino acids per serving. EAAs cannot be synthesized by the body and must be supplied by the diet.. Employs DEM (digestive energy matrix), a unique combination of SoftPsil micronized psyllium fiber and MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) to provide digestive energy and help maintain optimum intestinal health. High-DH reduces allergenicity. Low glycemic response. Proto Whey Mixes easily - no blender required. Industry-leading, rich and creamy taste profile.

Proto Whey

 Proto Whey Highlights:

- Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder

- 20 Grams of Protein Per Serving

- 100% Micro Peptide Formula

- Rich and Creamy Taste!

- Ideal Protein for people on a fat loss program

- Protein Engineered for the Human Race

- Targeted Protein Delivery

- 10 Grams of EAAs




Scientifically Advanced

PowerCrunch Proto Whey Protein Powders are the perfect complement to a life well lived. The most advanced scientific thinking is combined with the tastiest flavors to provide you with smart nutrition to keep you active and healthy. They are perfect to add to drinks or shakes when you’re on the go or as supplemental nutrition when you need it. Don’t compromise your busy lifestyle, fuel it with Proto Whey Protein Powders.

The Science:

Proto Whey protein is uniquely designed for human nutrition. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to delivering superior protein nutrition to your body. Proto Whey Protein is for you. It’s a pretty simple idea: We take normal, everyday whey protein, and hydrolyze it (break it down) to the smallest of protein peptides (molecules) called di and tri peptides which are in Proto Whey. These proteins are absorbed rapidly and completely, so your body can fully utilize all of the protein you eat providing you with the greatest nutritional benefit. Simply put, when you choose a Power Crunch product such as Proto Whey, you know you’re making the smart protein choice. Discover a lot more about the genius behind our science.

What's in BNRG Proto Whey?

Proto Whey Supplement Facts

How to Take BNRG Proto Whey:

Add 2 scoops (37g) of Proto Whey to 3/4 cup (6oz) cold water and shake or stir. Proto Whey is designed for use as a primary source of protein and may be used at any time of the day. Proto Whey may be consumed alone or with carbohydrate foods, depending on individual caloric needs.


This product is accurately packed by weight. Some settling may occur during shipping. To loosen the powder prior to use, simply shake or roll the jar. Allergens: milk, soy (from lecithin).
















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    The best whey

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    Excellent protein, one of the best!
    Thank you Sameday Supplements

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    Very good protein, good concentration of amino acids. Very tasty.

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  10. Best Value
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    After years of searching for the perfect protein I finally found it. Proto Whey. Looking for a good tasting protein that mixes great, and doesn't contain crap. While here it is. If you haven't tried Proto Whey yet, you should buy it right now.

    Review by Tim

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