Bulking and Cutting Anabolic Precursors

Bulking and Cutting Anabolic Processors consist of both hormonal and non-hormonal products. Taking a product such as a prohormone, can increase your testosterone levels significantly in a short period of time. But, with that comes an increase in estrogen. Which is why it’s essential to follow your PH cycle with a PCT.  


To avoid this you can opt for the non-hormonal options, such as laxogenin. Because these products are natural and non-hormonal, you won’t need a PCT after your cycle. And both men and women can take it. 


The goal in either scenario is to gain muscle mass and lose fat mass. How fast and how significant this change is depends on what kind of product you’re looking for. For more guidance on Prohormones checkout our guide HERE and for more information on Laxogenin click HERE.

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