Hellfire™ Weight Loss Stack By Innovative Labs

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Hellfire Weight Loss Stack Benefits:

  • Promotes Appetite Suppressant
  • Helps Promote Weight Loss and Extreme Energy

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Hellfire Weight Loss Stack By Innovative Labs

What Is Hellfire?

Feel the burn with the return of the original king of weight loss - HellFire! Innovative Labs has brought back the original hardcore formula of Hell Fire - fully loaded and supercharged! Sky rocket your energy levels and become a weight loss machine with the original hardcore HellFire by your side!

IT’S HARDCORE! HellFire is without a question, one of the hottest and most intense energizer/weight management product on the market today. While other Diet & Energy aids require you to take 3 to 4 pills to feel even a slight effect… Hell Fire is so strong, with its Thermo-Rx brand of Phenylethylamine alkaloids and Thermo-Z brand Ephedra extract, that all you need to take is ONE and you’ll be ON FIRE for hours to lose weight like you never have before! Even hardcore ephedrine fans who were consuming mega dosages of their beloved ECA stacks per day, consider the effects of HellFire beyond extreme.

What Is CLA 1000?

Hi-Tech CLA 1000 is a highly concentrated form of the naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid. When combined with regular exercise CLA can help you get a lean body. It assists in lean muscle development which in turn supports natural fat-burning as the body burns calories to sustain proper muscle function. By supporting a higher metabolic activity CLA 1000 helps dieters to achieve their body composition goals.

What Is CarniSlim?

Carnislim is a complex of 5 different Carnitine series compounds that form the most complete Carnitine product for Better Physiques, Performance and weight loss! Since the heart, brain and liver are three organs with very high energy needs, Carnislim supplementation with carnitine ensures they have all the energy they need to function. Hi-Tech researchers discovered different forms of carnitine benefit different parts of the body. That's why Carnislim includes five different forms of carnitine series compounds.

CarniSlim contains carnitine silicate (as CarniPlex) - a unique proprietary and state-of-the-art carnitine compound only manufactured by Hi-Tech for the revolutionary CarniSlim. This mixture of Carnitine, Inositol, and Potassium Silicate combines the coronary function improving effects of both Carnitine and Silicate in an inositol-stabilized form the promises improved bioavailability of both the silicate and the carnitine. Research has shown dramatic protective effects of the novel amino acid compound Carnitine Silicate in pre-clinical studies. CarniPlex research concluded that the Carnitine Silicate Inositol complex is abosorbed efficiently, raises plasma carnitine levels, and is more biologically effective than a carnitine base.

What's In Hellfire Weight Loss Stack By Innovative Labs?

Hellfire Weight Loss Stack Supplement Facts

How Do I Take Hellfire Weight Loss Stack By Innovative Labs Properly?

Weeks 1-6: Take 1 capsule of Hellfire two times a day. Once in the morning with breakfeast and once after lunch.

Weeks 1-4: Take 2 tablets of Carnislim two times a day 8-12 hours apart.

Weeks 1-2: Take 2 softgels of CLA 1000 three times a day with food (Breakfeast, Lunch and Dinner).

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Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years.Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. This product can raise your blood pressure and interfere with other drugs you may be taking. Talk to your doctor about this product.

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    This fat burner works! Two weeks in around down 7lbs. Can't recommend it enough.

    Review by Robert

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    Overall Product Review
    Love that the hellfire was filled to the top. You get your money’s worth.

    Review by Brian

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