As we age we realize the significant role estrogen plays on our bodies as men. We all have a ratio of testosterone to estrogen that we need to maintain in order to reach homeostasis. But what if you were able to harness this ratio to get the most out of our testosterone? That is the idea behind estrogen blockers. That by “blocking” estrogen we get the full effects of testosterone.

How do estrogen blockers work and what can I expect?

Estrogen blockers work by preventing the production or effects of estrogen in the male body. This means we can expect an increase in strength, libido, muscle growth, improved mood and cognition, and to fight fatigue. As a result this will help with fat loss as well as  improving your overall health.

Who should take estrogen blockers?

If you are a male over 30 or have just finished a cycle of pro hormones/a testosterone boosting supplement, a estrogen blocker could be helpful for a PCT or for natural testosterone support. When you increase testosterone, you increase estrogen as well. This is where that ratio comes into play. Because your body is constantly trying to reach homeostasis adding only a testosterone booster will

estrogen blockers

reflect in the ratio of testosterone to estrogen increasing. So by adding a supplement that can impede estrogen, you’ll feel the effects of increased testosterone more efficiently.

What do estrogen blockers we recommend?

We like to recommend Estrogenex, By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, 2nd Generation. In addition to it’s ability to inhibit the aromatase enzyme, it is also a natural testosterone booster. So you get the best of both worlds in one supplement. This makes it perfect for someone who wants to increase their testosterone while staying natural or as a PCT for after a cycle.


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