PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

With any prohormone you decide to supplement with you’re going to have to take a post cycle therapy (PCT). When you come off a cycle, your natural testosterone levels are extremely low, but your estrogen levels are high, comparatively. This is because your testosterone and estrogen are a ratio. 


So when you begin your PCT, you’re helping your body increase natural testosterone level.  That’s also where taking products like estrogen blockers post-cycle help ensure that your natural testosterone levels are restored. Ignoring this puts you at risk of losing the gains you made during your cycle. As a result, you can gain weight, experience testicular atrophy, be lethargic, etc.


What to look for in a PCT

  • Testosterone booster:
    • To help bring natural testosterone levels back as quickly as possible.
  • Estrogen modulation: 
    • To act as a defense against any gynecomastia that is lingering around. As well as any excess estrogen and excess water retention.
  • Antioxidant and Liver Protection
    • While prohormones today are much safer on the liver and other organs than they used to be, you may still want to consider a product with these benefits. This helps cleanse the liver and kidneys to ensure they are working as much as possible to metabolize the exogenous testosterone.
  • Prolactin control

    • Used in combination with the Estrogen modulation for control of any changes to the pituitary gland.
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  1. Novedex XT By Gaspari Nutrition, 60 Tabs
    Novedex XT - Gaspari Nutrition
    96% of 100
    FREE Shipping USA over $49
    Out of stock

    Benefits and Results:

    • Lean Mass Gain
    • Increases Strength and Endurance
    • Increase Testosterone Levels
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  2. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex PCT, 60 Tabs
    Arimiplex PCT - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - 60 Tabs
    100% of 100
    FREE Shipping USA over $49

    Benefits and Results:

    • Helps Block Estrogen †
    • Provides Cardiovascular Support †
    • Elevate Testosterone Levels †
    • Helps Restore Liver Enzymes †
    • Prostate Support and Protection †
    • Revitalize Energy Levels and Raise Libido †
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  3. Estrogenex, By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, 2nd Generation, 600mg, 90 Tabs
    Estrogenex 2nd Generation - Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals - 600mg - 90 Tablets
    91% of 100
    FREE Shipping USA over $49

    Benefits and Results:

    • Supports Natural Testosterone †
    • Supports Being an Estrogen Blocker †
    • Promotes Optimal Endogenous Anabolic Hormone Levels †
    • Beneficial for Bodybuilders and Athletes †
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  4. Blackstone Labs PCT V
    Blackstone Labs PCT V - 60 Capsules
    100% of 100
    FREE Shipping USA over $49

    Benefits and Results:

    • Promotes Lean Muscle Gains†
    • Boosts Testosterone†
    • Reduces Estrogen†
    • Supports Healthy Kidney, Liver and Prostate Function†
    • Plant Based Cortisol and DHT Modulating Formula†
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  5. Blackstone Labs Gear Support, 90 Caps
    Gear Support - Blackstone Labs - 90 Capsules
    100% of 100
    FREE Shipping USA over $49

    Benefits and Results:

    • Protect Your Organs †
    • Take Alongside Intense Products †
    • All-In-One Body Support †
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