All of the raw materials at VPX are received into the warehouse, quarantined, and then tested for efficacy in their own state of the art laboratories to ensure that they only provide the end-consumer with the best product possible. Raw materials are sampled and taken to the quality control lab for analysis. Once the test results meet their set release specifications and the supplier’s certificate of analysis, the ingredient is released and can be utilized within manufacturing. Maintaining this high level of testing ensures that every product is manufactured to its intended design and that they continually produce products that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations. One of the most prestigious accomplishments VPX Sports Nutrition has achieved is that they have more university proven double-blind placebo-controlled sports and performance nutrition studies on their finished products than all the supplement companies in the industry combined!
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  1. VPX Sports Shotgun 5X Pre Workout
    VPX Shotgun 5X Pre Workout

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  2. VPX Bang Pre Workout
    Bang Pre Workout Powder - Master Blaster - VPX

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