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The founders of ‘Merica Labz – rumored to be direct descendants of George Washington – inspiration for their line started at a young age. From the age of six, they dedicated their lives to creating. This resulted in the most ‘Merican dietary supplements available. Thus Freedom in a bottle was born. So what is Freedom in a bottle anyway? It’s a combination of ingredients in an FDA-approved, cGMP (certified good manufacturing practices) facility that adheres to pharmaceutical-level standards of manufacturing. It’s donating $1 from every single unit of Red, White & BOOM sold to veteran’s charities. It’s sharing some of the proceeds from our Freedom in a bottle, with those who have fought and bled to protect it.
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  1. Red, White and Boom Pre Workout By Merica Labz
    Red, White and Boom Pre Workout By Merica Labz

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