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Controlled Labs has some of the highest quality, most effective enhancing supplements available for the dedicated athlete and bodybuilder. All of the ingredients found in their products are also found on the labels and all are free from steroids, androgens, ephedra, and any other banned substances or drugs. The facility is inspected by the FDA to insure proper quality control. Controlledlabs’ products are manufactured in a facility that has attained the following compliance: NSF Certification Guideline 306 NSF GMP Registration Policies GMP requirements in NSF/ANSI Standard 173 Section 8 NNfA GMP Certified Their products meet or exceed exacting standards of safety and quality set forth by these standards. (the facility does in-house testing since they have their own lab and they manufacture both supplements and pharmaceutical products. Controlled labs also have some 3rd party tests listed on their site under some of the individual products)
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  1. Controlled Labs Orange Triad 270 Tabs Multi Vitamin
    Orange Triad by Controlled Labs, 270 Tabs
    Special Price $30.62 Regular Price $34.79
  2. Controlled Labs Blue Up 60 Caps Natural Test Booster
    Blue Up By Controlled Labs, 60 Caps
    Special Price $22.96 Regular Price $26.09
  3. Controlled Labs Purple Wraath Purple Lemonade 45 Servings Amino
    Purple Wraath By Controlled Labs, Purple Lemonade 45 Servings
    Special Price $36.99 Regular Price $41.29
    Out of stock
  4. Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn Furious Fruit Punch 30 Servings
    White Flood By Controlled Labs, Furious Fruit Punch, 30 Servings
    Special Price $29.34 Regular Price $33.34
    Out of stock
  5. Controlled Labs Blue Up Stimulant Free 60 Caps
    Blue Up By Controlled Labs, Stimulant Free 60 Caps
    Special Price $22.96 Regular Price $26.09
    Out of stock
  6. Controlled Labs Gold Feast Watermelon 30 Servings
    Gold Feast By Controlled Labs, Watermelon 30 Servings
    Special Price $44.02 Regular Price $50.02