What are Natural Diuretics?

What are Natural Diuretics?

Natural diuretics are are herbs or dietary supplements that help remove excess sodium and fluids from the body. Diuretics stimulate the kidneys to excrete more sodium into the urine and thus excrete more water as well.

Who can benefit from taking natural diuretics ?

If you are someone with a preexisting condition (such as high blood pressure, heart failure, edema, diabetes i.e.) or you are in your final weeks of your contest prep, you may have been prescribed a diuretic. A diuretic will be helpful with these conditions and can be helpful in getting that dry look before getting on stage. However these prescription diuretics can cause unfavorable side effects. Some of the side effects include lightheadedness, rashes, muscle cramps and headaches. If you feel your prescription diuretic is producing these side effects or if you would like to avoid a prescription all together, there are more natural options for you.

Some of the best natural diuretic herbs include :natural diuretic herb

  1. Dandelion Root- Dandelion is one of the most well-known and effective natural diuretics. It has been proven to increase kidney urination frequency as well enhance kidney function.
  2. Buchu leaf- Buchu leaves have both diuretic properties and is a urinary tract antiseptic, its principal use is in the treatment of urinary tract diseases.
  3. Juniper berry- Juniper is used for digestion problems as well as for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney and bladder stones.
  4. Horsetail extract- Horsetail extract was found to have similar effects to prescription diuretics without the side effects.

Natural DiureticsWhere can you find natural diuretics?

These herbs and other natural diuretics can be found in :

  • MHP Xpel 80 Caps Maximum Strength Diuretic
    • Xpel works quickly and safely to help flush out excess water while replenishing essential electrolytes to help prevent cramping and keep your muscles strong.
  • Aqualyze, By Species Nutrition, Herbal Diuretic
    • Aqualyze uses all-natural vitamins and herbs to help the body avoid excess subcutaneous water.
  • Hydravax By Metabolic Nutrition, 30 Caps
    • Hydravax is a high-potency diuretic designed to help shed water while maintaining electrolytes and energy levels.
  • Jet Fuel Diuretic By GAT, 90 Caps
    • Jet Fuel Diuretic is a stimulant free diuretic that contains natural ingredients that promotes the reduction of water weight gain.

*Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to stay properly hydrated when using a natural diuretic and do not exceed the recommended dosage*

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