Hyde Nitro X v Mr Hyde Nitro X

Hyde Nitro X v. Mr Hyde Nitro X

Choosing between pre workouts has always been difficult, especially if you don’t know what you need. To help decide which pre workout is better suited for you, you need to think about the type of training you do. Training methods are not created equal and neither are pre workouts. So when you have products like Hyde Nitro X and Mr Hyde Nitro X, deciding can be even more difficult if you don’t know the difference.

Whats the same?

Surprisingly these formulas are very similar. Below we have both labels side-to-side, with the differences highlighted. As you can see, everything is the same except for the intensity matrix.


Whats Different?

The only difference between these pre workouts is the addition of P-Synephrine in Hyde Nitro X. This is an additional stimulant to the intensity matrix, thus making Hyde the stronger pre workout.

p synephrine hyde nitro x


P-synephrine has been seen to increase the number of reps and maximum weight load when taken prior to the gym. Additionally, when taken with caffeine, these effects were increased more. Because it is a stimulant, you can expect some other effects associated with stimulants. Such as: mood boosting properties, appetite suppression properties, and a focal aid.

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Which Is Better For You?

Although Hyde Nitro X is slightly more stimulating than Mr Hyde Nitro X, that doesn’t necessarily mean its better. If you like your pre workout to have a more energy focused complex, than Hyde is for you. However if you’re looking for a stronger pre workout that isn’t too stimulating, than go with Mr Hyde. The difference is minimal but if you’re sensitive to caffeine or stimulants in general, it can be noticeable. The formulas as a whole are great. You can expect some serious energy and focus with decent pumps and a moderate endurance boost.

How Do The Reviews Compare:

Mr. Hyde Nitro X

  • Highly Recommend Review by Zachary
  • Overall Product Review

    Mr Hyde Nitro X is the best preworkout I have taken so far. The flavor wasn’t overly sweet and the energy lasted the duration of my workout. I recommend giving this one a try.

Hyde Nitro X

  • Love it Review by Andy
    Overall Product Review

    This stuff is intense! I used to take products like the Jack3d Original, OxyElitePro, and a variety of other pre-workout options, and since DMAA has been gone I’ve been struggling to find a pre i enjoyed. Hyde NitroX provides me serious energy, great pumps and sharp focus. I drink one coffee in the morning, and take this stuff around 4 PM when I workout.
    But you should be careful taking this stuff, especially if you are caffeine sensitive. If you usually drink multiple energy drinks a day, you will probably tolerate this stuff quite well. (Posted on 6/1/2018)


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