Best Protein Powder Of 2018

Best Protein Powder Of 2018

We’ve covered the best pre workouts, the best fat burners, and today we are going over the best protein powders of 2018. Unlike pre workouts and fat burners, protein powders are more of a food product/replacement. So the way we tally them up has to be more in line with dietary needs. To help you find the best protein powder for you, we’re going to go over the nutrition facts,  as well as any dietary restrictions they compliment, and pricing differences. There are a ton of powders available, this post will be covering Whey concentrates, Whey Isolates, Beef Protein, and Vegan Protein. For more information on what is whey, click here. If you’re looking to bulk and would like a comparison on bulking powders, leave a comment below or send us an email!

Calorie Per Serving Protein Per Serving Fat Per Serving Carbs Per Serving Price Per Serving
Best Protein Powder Gold Standard 120 Cal. 24 g. 1 g. 3 g. ~$ 1.11
Best Protein Powder Animal Whey 125 Cal. 25 g. 1 g. 4 g. ~$ 1.07
Best Protein Powder Iso100 110 Cal. 25 g. 0 g. 1 g. ~$ 1.25
Best Protein Powder Hydrowhey 140 Cal. 30 g. 1 g. 2 g. ~$ 1.64
Best Protein Powder Carnivor 124 Cal. 23 g. 0 g. 8 g. ~$ .96
Best Protein Powder Select Vegan Protein 110 Cal. 20 g. .5 g. 6 g. ~$ 1.22
  • Gold Standard Whey

    • Gold Standard Whey, By Optimum Nutrition, is your basic whey concentrate. In short, whey is a dairy milk derivative. So if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or have some other dietary restrictions on dairy, this is not the product for you. ON’s Gold Standard Whey is great for anyone looking to add more protein in their diet. It isn’t the purest form of whey, so those who are competing may want to look for a different product as well. But as always it depends on what your macros are like. Gold Standard Whey has a ton of flavors and comes in several sizes. However the classics (chocolates, vanilla, strawberry, and rocky road) are the only flavors that come in the larger 10lb bag. All the flavors are great, but because it is a whey concentrate, they tend to better/more shake like in milk rather than water.
  • Animal Whey

    • Animal Whey, By Universal Nutrition, is very similar to the Gold Standard Whey except it is a Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Concentrate blend. Not only is there 1 gram more of protein and carbs but it’s also loaded with digestive enzymes. This is beneficial in a few ways. Obviously you would benefit from Animal Whey being a WPI; making it easier to digest for someone who normally would get bloating or gas from whey. But the additional digestive enzymes helps take the breakdown even further. Ultimately decreasing the chances of bloating  and improving the mix-ability. Flavor wise, Animal Whey isn’t as diverse as Gold Standard. But the flavor options that are available are award-winning ( we recommend trying the banana!). As far as sizing goes, Animal Whey has a ton of options. If you’re looking try a flavor before committing to a tub, you can pick up a 4 serving container. Or if you know what you like you grab a larger size like the 5lb tub or 10lb bag.

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  • Iso 100

    • Iso 100, By Dymatize, is a Whey Protein Isolate. So unlike Animal Whey which is a blend, Iso 100 is just the Isolate. This is why it maintains the same protein content per serving but has no fat and less grams of carbs. This protein is ideal for competitors or people looking to slim down. If you’re someone with a sensitivity to lactose but not necessarily an intolerant, you could also chose Iso 100.  Iso 100 has a bunch of flavors and from our staff’s experience, they’re all great. This product also mixes great with water. So if you’re on the go and can only grab your shaker, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing flavor. Currently Iso 100 only comes in 3 sizes; 1.6lb, 3lb, and 5lb. For all our UK and Canadian readers, Iso 100 would be good match to Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate. However with 3 grams more protein and 0 grams of fat instead of the ~.5 grams of fat you would be getting from the Impact Whey Isolate.
  • Hydro Whey

    • Hydro Whey, By Optimum Nutrition, is Advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate. Meaning it’s the best protein powder available. Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate is the fastest absorbing and purest protein available. So with this option you would be getting the benefits of Iso 100 or Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate but with more protein per serving. Hydro Whey mixes extremely easily, even with a spoon. Again this is a great option for people on the go, who don’t have time to make a full-out shake. However, Hydro whey is limited to only 2 sizes (1.75lb and 3.5lb) and your classic flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Cookies&Cream). But with that 30 grams of protein, you’re also getting about 9 grams of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (BCAAs).
  • Carnivor

    • Carnivor, By MuscleMeds, is beef protein. This is our first dairy free option. So like beef and other red meat, Carnivor has creatine. But about 20 times the amount in each serving; compared to other red meat like steak. This option is great for people with a lactose intolerance and for certain diets like a paleo diet. Musclemeds uses a advanced extraction, clarification, hydrolysis and isolation technology to engineer Carnivor. As a result, its about 350% more concentrated in anabolic muscle building aminos than a prime sirloin steak, without the fat and cholesterol. Plus Carnivor is enhanced with BCAA’s, which promotes a positive nitrogen balance, increase protein synthesis, decrease catabolism, improve workout performance and reduce muscle fatigue. Carnivor comes in a couple of flavors. They consist of Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Vanilla Caramel, and Cherry Vanilla. It is a thinner protein so mix ability is excellent.
  • Select Vegan Protein

    • Select Vegan Protein, By PEScience, on the other side of the non-dairy spectrum is of the cleaner vegan proteins. Generally what we hear the most complaints about with vegan proteins is about their taste.  Select Vegan Protein surpasses in that arena. It isn’t chalky like most vegan powders, instead it has smooth and creamy taste. Flavor wise, there are only 2 flavors to pick from, Chocolate or Vanilla. From our staff’s experience, chocolate is a good go-to for a simple shake but vanilla is great for adding fruit. Currently the largest size available is the 27 servings. Obviously this is a great option for vegans and vegetarians, but this product is also great for people with a lactose intolerance in general.


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