Animal M-Stak by Universal Review Testosterone Booster

Animal M-Stak by Universal Review Testosterone Booster-Click Here to Buy


So what is it?

Animal M-Stak is a hormonal optimizer. It’s designed to help increase and regulate your body’s natural production of testosterone. It even has some energy properties and some BCAAs properties to it so lets see what’s inside with the break down.

Animal M-Stak: The Breakdown

Natural Flavone/ Sterone Complex

So the ingredients in this complex shows that they are similar in structure as testosterone. So what it’s designed to do in theory, it mimic the effects that testosterone has on the body. 

The two main things that we’re concerned with as bodybuilders

  • decreases your body fat mass


  • increase your lean muscle mass

allowing you to maximize your output on what you get from working out in the gym and your died at home.

Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex

This really just boils down to the increase of muscle protein synthesis. By giving you a sufficient amount of amino acids, that trigger muscle protein synthesis. That is why it’s called:

anti-catabolic because when your increasing muscle mass, you’re in a anabolic state which is the opposite of Catabolic for those who didn’t know.

Just side note though: the dosage is a little low for amino acids. So I still recommend an amino acid supplement on top of this one.

Anabolic Adaptogen Complex

So that’s basically a class of compounds that help the body remain in homeostasis. Stress throws our body off of homeostasis by releasing certain chemicals. So this complex helps bring it all back in and helps to regulate the stresses that we face day to day.

Insulin Potentiatng Complex

So insulin is responsible for kinda rushing glucose which is broken down carbohydrates into the muscle cells -anyway that we’re concerned with and when you do that you recover quicker.

Insulin in general is just designed to basically fill your muscle cells with the carbs, get the energy in there.

Now when you potentiate that -what that means is you’re increasing or maximizing the output of insulin that your body can secrete so in theory it helps with quicker recovery and it helps with more endurance and energy throughout the day.

M Factor Complex

The whole purpose of that is to increase the bioavailability of all the compounds above it as well as increase the absorption rate. So it’s been shown to be synergistic with the compounds that are in here and just helps your body utilize them better.

Energy Complex

It’s kinda common sense here, not too much crazy stimulants going on here which is good. It has some caffeine and other things in it that are a class of stimulants because they give you that boost you need in the gym.

So overall based on the ingredient breakdown here, 8.5 out of 10 for a hormone optimization as well as a recovery and BCAA agent.


So how to take Animal M-Stak

It’s simple just 1 pack a day. I would personally take it in the morning. but you can take it at anytime of the day you want except towards nighttime because there are stimulants in here.

What should you expect by taking it

Well we got to have everything else on point than throw this in the mix and you should notice more aggressiveness and intensity in the gym and definitely some help and assistance in that lean muscle mass production and fat reduction. Nothing crazy here because this is no miracle drug but once you have everything else in line, why not try and see how you like it.


You can find this at Same Day Supplements retailing for $35.99 giving you 21 packs.


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