Animal Stak by Universal Animal Review Testosterone Booster

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So what is it?


Well this is a little different from their M-Stack which is non-hormonal. So looking at the ingredients, there’s nothing steroidal in it cause obviously you can’t sell steroids but it has more of your natural herbs and stuff that have been shown to promote testosterone production and has a growth hormone complex in it. So that’s the main difference besides the recovery agent in there which is nothing too major. M-stack being like the lighter version of the two.



The Breakdown


So the first complex is your pro-testosterone complex and as the name suggests all the ingredients found in here have been shown to increase the body’s natural production of testosterone. It increases the factors that influence testosterone production within the body. It’s not an outside source like steroids so you’re not going to be shut down but it’s been shown to help your boys out a little bit if you know what I mean.


Moving on -the next complex is a growth hormone support. Growth hormone goes hand-in-hand with testosterone when it comes to lean muscle mass. Growth hormone as the name suggested is secreted in massive amounts during puberty and it kind of dips down as you get older. So having something to kind of optimize the body’s output of growth hormone is most definitely useful to bodybuilders and that’s what they put this complex in there.


So next up is the anti-aromatase complex. Going to give you all a little science lesson or whatever you want call it. Just a little info on what anti-aromatase is and why they would put it in something like this.


So when your body increases its production of testosterone or take a substance that does so, you run the risk of also increasing your estrogen levels. Yes all males have estrogen in them as well. So there’s an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen -literally testosterone boom estrogen. That enzyme is called aromatase so what these ingredients in this complex do is fill that enzyme with something other than testosterone. So you have all this testosterone floating around while this enzyme is preoccupied with another substance. So it can grab onto that testosterone molecule and turn it into estrogen. Thus keeping estrogen levels at bay while you’re taking something like this to increase your testosterone production and that’s why they have something like this in here.


Next up the hormone amplifying blend. The main reason for this blend is to increase bioavailability and increase the absorption of all the compounds I just mentioned. It’s been shown to be synergistic with those compounds, help the body better utilize.


Last but not least Restorative Support Complex, so these are basically antioxidants that’s going to help the body fight damage caused by free radicals and stress factors internal and external that we face day in and day out. those It’s good for your overall health so judging by this label 8.5 out of 10.


I have never taken this supplement. So if you have or are currently trying it please let us know what your experience is.


How to take it

Simple, just take 1 pack a day about 30 mins before lifting. It says take prior to the bed on non-training days so I guess this one is different from the M stack because there is no stimulant based complex and therefore you can take it at night.


What should you expect

I always say everything else has to be in line, on point and then you’ll notice some differences in body fat reduction as well as strength increase or having stress levels increased as well as lean muscle mass increased.



You could find Animal Stak at Same Day Supplements, retailing for $35.99 giving you 21 packs.