Hellfire Fat Burner | Supp Spotlight (UPDATED)

Hellfire Fat Burner | Supplement Spotlight

 In this post we’ll be covering one of our top thermogenics; Hellfire fat burner, by Innovative Laboratories. Keep reading for a breakdown on the ingredients and products that are similar!

How Does It Work?


A Thermogenic supplement often contains natural ingredients with the purpose of  increasing your metabolism and thus increases your weight loss. This process is referred to as thermogenesis which literally means the production of heat.

When you’re body is burning calories, it generates more heat. So products, like hellfire fat burner, are designed to increase the efficiency that your body burns these calories through your metabolism. (1) A higher metabolism means your body is actively burning calories instead of allowing it to be converted and stored as fat.

The Breakdown:

In this section we’re going to breakdown each of the hellfire ingredients. Because this formula contains a proprietary blend, we cannot state the milligrams of each ingredient within this blend.


Lets start off with the basics, the serving size for hellfire is 1 capsule. Though the manufactures do state you may go up to 3 capsules in a day, it is advised to not exceed this within a 24 hour time frame.

Diving In Deeper

Hellfire contains 535mg of active ingredients; including 150mg of caffeine and ephedra extract each. Please note ephedra is not the same compound as ephedrine (for more information on the difference click here). And a proprietary blend containing 235mg of active ingredients.


Caffeine is a stimulant that interacts with your central nervous system. This can make you feel more awake and give you a boost of energy. It’s is a good base stimulant that sets the foundation for the effective and exotic stimulants. Including caffeine in a fat burner can also positively influence your metabolism (2). This can result in experiencing some appetite suppression in addition to energy. (3)


Although ephedra is not as potent as ephedrine, ephedra does work in the same ways. Thus provides similar weight loss results.The main use of ephedra is as an energy booster, but it has other features as well. Ephedra may increase your metabolism, improve cognition, and even reduce inflammation of mucous membranes in the body. (4)

The Proprietary Blend

The proprietary blend is were we have the bulk of ingredients. If you have tried Hellfire fat burner in the past (prior to 2018) you may notice some differences in the label. This is because there was a revision in the formula, for more information on what’s different click here.


Heavy Stims

The first ingredient in the proprietary is senegalia berlandieri extract, also known as acacia berlandieri. The senegalia berlandieri extract increases energy, suppresses your appetite, while also providing a feeling of euphoria (5). Within this extract you also have all the phenylethylamine alkaloids.

These alkaloids part take in the effects of senegalia berlandieri. The next ingredient we have is 2-aminoisoheptane; also known as DMHA. Typically it is the potent stimulant in a product used to replace DMAA.

In fact, DMHA shares similar structures to that of DMAA. They actually work in the same fashion. They both boost dopamine and noradrenaline uptake while slowing down re-uptake. (6)

The following ingredient in the label is higenamine HCl. Higenamine HCl is a stimulant with cardiovascular properties. Higenamine possess lipolysis and energy expenditure stimulating properties. Meaning it can increase your body’s fat break down process and help burn more calories.(7)



Rauwolfia serpentine is a safe and effective treatment for hypertension (8). When taking a product that contains a lot stimulants, like Hellfire Fat Burner, there is a chance of raising your blood pressure. So for individuals with blood pressure that is higher than normal, including rauwolfia serpentine can help reduce the risk of it getting higher. † In addition to these properties, rauwolfia serpentine may possess thermogenic effects (9).

Following rauwolfia, we have evodiamine. Evodiamine, also known as Wu-Chu-Yu, is used by Chinese herbal specialists as a weight loss supplement. This ingredients contains vanilloid receptor agonistic activities comparable to capsaicin. This presents effects like increased energy expenditure (10). 

Similarly rutacarpine (Evodia rutaecarpa) presents effects associated with capsaicin, such as a combination of increased heat expenditure (which is a fat burning effect) and minimizing the perception of cold (thermogenesis) (11).

Next, black pepper, which is a flowering vine native only to the southwestern Kerala province of India. Its small, round fruit is dried and ground into a spice and food seasoning. However, this small round fruit contains an effective fat burring ingredient, piperine. Including black pepper extract into Hellfire may help with supporting metabolism, promoting thermogenesis, and suppressing the formation of fat cells (12).


Appetite Suppression

Although most stimulants have appetite suppressing properties, there are other non-stim ingredients in Hellfire with this purpose.

Peppermint extracts are used extensively in the food industry to flavor products like chewing gum. However, peppermint extracts may also help your body process food better, eases indigestion and boost your metabolism. While also, aiding in appetite control and reducing sugar cravings (13).

A group of plant-based antioxidants called flavonoids, or polyphenols, are responsible for many of the health benefits associated with tea. All types of tea are made from the same plant leaves, which contain a group of flavonoids called catechins. Black tea retains a smaller amount of catechins than green tea.

However, new findings suggest that black tea, through a specific mechanism in the gut microbiome, may contribute to good health and weight loss in humans .The results suggest that both green and black teas are prebiotics, substances that induce the growth of good microorganisms that contribute to a person’s well-being(14,15).

*Please note if your current health conditions are a concern, it is advised to speak to your own physician before taking supplements.

who should try.

Who Should Try Hellfire Fat Burner?

Given every individual is different and will experience products differently, our recommendation is based on the ingredients. Hellfire Fat Burner is on the stronger end of the fat burner spectrum. Although there is less milligrams of active ingredients than you may see in other products, there are several ingredients that carry the weight in stims for Hellfire. Hellfire contains the most milligrams of ephedra than most in products do in a full day’s serving.

For example, Diablos ECA Fire Caps also by Innovative Laboratories contains only 50mgs and warns not to take more than 2 capsules a day. Whereas Hellfire recommends not to take over 3 capsules a day, a potential 450mg of ephedra. However, ephedra is not the only active stimulant in Hellfire.

There are 5 ingredients containing stimulant properties. Because of this we would not recommend Hellfire for a beginner or to someone with a sensitivity to stimulants. If you are someone who has tried other fat burner and struggle to find one you can feel, Hellfire may be the one for you.

What to expect

What To Expect From Hellfire?hellfire fat burner weight loss stack

Because the ingredients in hellfire are more stimulant dominant, users could expect high energy and appetite suppression effects. Though Hellfire contains a large portion of thermogenic ingredients as well, we expect these effects to less potent. Again everyone will have a different experience. If you are someone with a high tolerance to stimulants you may notice the thermogenesis more so than the energy.



To aid in your weight loss journey even more checkout our Hellfire weight loss stack; which features Carnislim and CLA 1000.


What Do Other’s Say ?

  • Review by Tami
    Overall Product Review

    I like the fact that hellfire doesn’t make me jittery even though it gives me that little extra energy for my day. I absolutely LOVE same day supplements because they ship product faster than any shop I have ever gone through (Posted on 10/11/2018)

  • Review by BKdaKilla
    Overall Product Review

    Big league stuff… amateurs need not apply. Lace up your booties and get ready to get full by thinking of food and having enough energy to do your workout aaaand your buddy’s. (Posted on 9/8/2018)

  • Review by Dan
    Overall Product Review

    I ordered this product just to see if it would do what it claimed and I’m super happy. Excellent energy boost and the results were exactly as they claimed. Also when I ordered it was at my door within a few days and you can’t beat that. (Posted on 8/10/2018)

similar balck mamba

What’s similar ?

If you’re not sure if Hellfire Fat Burner is the right choice for you, there are still a ton of other fat burners you can checkout. For a powerful fat burner with a similar overall experience check out Black Mamba Fat Burner, By Innovative Laboratories. Or if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a fat burner review our Best Fat Burners In 2019 Blog. But, if you’ve tried Hellfire and are looking for the next big thing checkout Arson from Blackstone Labs. And read how they compare HERE.


†The intention of the information provided is for reference only and we are in no way providing medical advice or instruction. The information provided in this post is based on anecdotal information and available studies/reviews. While it is our goal to maintain and display accurate information, we can’t guarantee it represents the latest formulation of the product or information. Therefore, if you have any concerns, please visit the manufacturer’s website. Also, the information above is not a representation of our views at Same Day Supplements. Rather, these are the views and information provided by manufacturers and users. Also, the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Finally, the intention of these products is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.