EpiCat by BlackStone Labs Review Muscle Builder

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EpiCat by BlackStone Labs Review Muscle Builder- Click Here to Buy



So what is it

Well in short it’s a Myostatin inhibitor. So what is Myostatin?

The Break Down and what to expect:


Inside this you’re going to see three things. Starting off with your green tea leaf extract, Epicatechins and we got have fiber for the absorption of all that.


The main thing in here is the Epi which is a Myostatin inhibitor. What in the world is Myostatin? That is something that the body releases that controls or bringing the reins on your muscle growth. Because as human beings in general we don’t need to have an excessive amount of muscle so Myostatin inhibits muscle growth but nothing too extreme obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to gain muscle in the gym.


In theory when you take something to block the release of Myostatin or to inhibit how much is actually being released or produced, it’s been shown to have the possibility to increase your lean muscle mass production.


This is not a steroid in any way shape or form. It’s not even in any kind of a natural testosterone booster in any way shape or form. No hormones, no herbs there it’s just simply something has been shown to inhibit the production of Myostatin. Again Myostatin has been shown itself to inhibit muscle growth.


Myself personally I’ll be honest with you, I never took anything like this before so I don’t know how well it works. Research shows conflicting results, a lot of people out there love it and a bunch of people out there said it didn’t do much for them. This is me being honest with you. You could fall in either or category.


Here is my suggesting: it’s cheap enough to where you can try it for yourself and document your results. How do you do that, my favorite way of doing this is pictures.


So I’ll try to keep everything else consistent, I’ll introduce one new factor. In this case it’s Epi Cat. Start off by day 1 through day 30 or however long a serving or bottle will get you.

At the end of that I’ll compared my pictures from day 1 through day 15 through day 30. About two weeks between each picture for you to see the detail or actually see the difference between the pictures. If it’s working for you, if you notice a difference in the gym strength wise or physique then it’s something you’ll pick up again.


And you could rotate it into your supplement regimen again this is me being honest with you guys because I have not taken this. Not to say I won’t take in the future, we’ll see and if I do I’ll do a video on it for sure.


Based on this there is no real rating you can give this because it’s one ingredient, which has been shown to do one specific thing. So no rating for this.


How to take it?

It would be one capsule twice a day. So one in the morning, one in the afternoon, or one before your workout if you workout in the morning. You could take one before your morning workout and then one later on in the afternoon with the meal so it helps with the increased absorption rate of Epicatechins.


You can find this at Same Day Supplements retailing for $44.99 giving you a whole month supply.