Blue Star Status Review Testosterone Booster

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blue star status

Blue Star Status is a natural testosterone producer which increases your testosterone production.

Blue Star Status: The Breakdown

For a serving size of 2 capsules you have vitamin B6, magnesium and two forms of zinc.

Main thing in there is your zinc, deficient in zinc your testosterone will be low on its own. To get two different types of zinc in there just to make sure you are getting an adequate zinc intake is great.

You also have what they’re calling “testoSURGE”. Which is basically a herb that they named, it has been shown to naturally make your body increase more testosterone.

It’s naturally increasing your test, what I mean by that is when you take steroids; that’s an outside form testosterone that you put in your body. When you put an outside form testosterone in your body, your natural production almost ceased to exist. Because your body is like I don’t need to produce anymore I have this outside source so I am going to shut down. That’s why when you hear that word shut down, that’s what they mean your body shut down it’s own natural production.

This ingredient LongJack and as well as Saw Palmetto are both herbs that make this complex.

They have been shown to when ingested, it creates a signal to your body to increase more of its own production of testosterone.

So it’s not an outside source, it’s an inside source and it is just telling your body lets produce more of this. When you stop taking it there’s no crash, there’s no rebound effect. A post cycle therapy isn’t needed, this is an all-natural supplement.

So what happens when you increase your testosterone production, well you have a chance of also increasing your estrogen production.

Yes guys we have a little bit of estrogen inside of us. The reason why we do is so the body can balance itself out. When one level rises, testosterone in this case, the estrogen rises a little bit too. Of course we have a lot more testosterone than estrogen.

So to come back this, there are two things has been shown to keep the estrogen down or regulate it while your test gets the boost. These are also natural ingredients called Resveratrol and Chrysin.

Next we have what they call “Delivery Technology”.

These three things are just there to increase the absorption rate in the bioavailability of all the ingredients I just mentioned. Helping the digestive system and more absorption is the purpose of that complex so with all this… 9 out of 10 as a testosterone producer. I really like what I’m seeing here I might try it myself.

How to take it?

Take two capsules twice a day; so 2 in the morning and 2 before you go to bed with around 8 to 10 ounces of water. I would try to take it kind of on empty stomach so like an hour before you eat just because I know these ingredients absorbed better on an empty stomach.

What you expect by taking it

Well it’s nothing that’s going to blow you out of the water, it’s not steroids, it’s not a illegal compound. This is a natural testosterone producer. So you will notice just a little more aggressive in the gym; meaning intensity, focus, energy, you might even notice your libido raise.

Other than that you notice some lean muscle mass, a noticeable fat reduction if you’re on a caloric restriction diet and again this isn’t going to be crazy or like a steroids substance for instance but it’s definitely worth taking and cycling off of. I would say go through a bottle or 2 then take about a month off than go hit it up again. So that’s what my recommendation on blue Star status is.


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