Universal Nutrition Torrent

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Universal Torrent Benefits and Results:

  • Complete Nutrition Following Training †
  • Three Forms of Creatine †
  • Anabolic and Anti-Catabolic Compounds †
  • Quickly Repairs Damage Muscle Fibers †
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Universal Nutrition Torrent - Post Workout

Universal Torrent

Universal Torrent: Post-Workout Anabolic Muscle Mass Activator

P-W-O. These three letters, as they relate to nutrition, are among the most overlooked parts of the bodybuilding equation. In reality, P-W-O is the most critical factor in the quest to foster new growth. What is P-W-O? "Post-workout". As in, post-workout nutrition. That period of time following lifting is absolutely vital for inducing overall muscle mass "activation". Universal Torrent's formula is designed to maximize what's called the anabolic “window of opportunity”. This open window exists after a hard training session and it's your job to get as much of the right nutrients through that opening as possible...

This is why we here at Universal Nutrition, engineered Torrent-the ideal post-workout, anabolic muscle mass activator. To reiterate what was discussed above, in the absence of critical macronutrient intake, a bodybuilder's protein balance would remain negative. If you want to build muscle this definitely isn't good. This is where Universal Torrent comes into play. It acts quickly and efficiently by supplying your muscles with a powerful cascade of critical nutrients, all in a matter of moments. After a hard workout your muscles are torn down, glycogen is depleted and your body enters a damaging catabolic state. For the bodybuilder, this is a state of red alert.

When consumed immediately post-training, Universal Torrent's proprietary blend of muscle mass activators rush to bring your body back into anabolic “green light” status, quickly repairing damaged muscle fibers while triggering fresh growth. First and foremost, it has super high-efficiency protein. Universal Torrent is loaded with hydrolyzed whey protein (WPH), which consists of small whey peptides that are quickly digested and absorbed. Remember, after a workout, the goal is to take in only the most efficient sources of nutrients and for protein, WPH is as efficient as it gets. Hydrolyzed protein is the quickest digesting protein available and more efficient than even free form amino acids.

Osmosulin Matrix

Universal Torrent also contains a specialized Osmosulin Matrix of carbohydrates that allows for quick glycogen replenishment and the fastest possible absorption of muscle-nourishing nutrients. This blend is packed with an optimal ratio of both simple and complex carbs. With this blend, we introduce a new carbohydrate to the post-workout scenario-Waxy Maize Starch (WMS). WMS is a unique and very expensive "high molecular weight" carbohydrate that has the ability to move through the stomach rapidly. This is ideal for quick glycogen replenishment without "stomach bloat". Just as importantly, WMS has the ability to draw or "pull" other nutrients into your muscles cells along with it-this special “torrential” action makes it an ideal carb for post-workout ingestion.

Universal Torrent's Osmosulin Carb Matrix also provides you with d-glucose and maltodextrin, essentially combining the rapid gut-passing of aminos and other nutrients from WMS with the potent insulin spiking properties of these simple carbohydrates. In other words, Universal Torrent provides a fuller spectrum of various carb sources, each with their own functional advantages. This blend allows for a dramatic boost of anabolic insulin via simple sugars coupled with the nutrient-drawing effects of “high molecular weight” carbohydrates.

18 Grams of a Key Proprietary Blend

Universal Torrent is also generously spiked with 18 grams of a key proprietary blend of advanced aminos and creatines. This special "anabolic matrix" is the key that will help to turn your muscles into post-workout recovery overdrive. When consumed immediately after intense training this potent blend can induce a powerful anabolic surge that shuttles nutrients into your starved muscle cells. Here's how it works. Recent studies show that protein and carbs alone just won't cut it for optimal recovery. They are integral components in the post-workout scenario, however, amino acids and ergogenic nutrients such as leucine, glutamine, taurine and creatine, further enhance the effects of a protein/carb mixture allowing you to maximize gains.

Of most importance, the additional leucine appears to be especially significant in that it helps further stimulate muscle protein synthesis and maximally optimizes whole protein balance. Leucine is the “money” amino in terms of anabolism, and Torrent delivers a full 8,000 milligram complex of its most advanced forms. With Universal Torrent, you are guaranteed you are using the most complete post-workout product on the market. Heightened anabolism, rapid nutrient transport, insulin potentiating--all delivered by means of a delicious post-workout growth cocktail. Torrent is an anabolic force mother nature never intended. Blow your plateaus away with Torrent.

What's In Universal Nutrition Torrent?

Universal Torrent Supplement Facts

How to Take Universal Nutrition Torrent:

Dosage: For use as a dietary supplement, take one serving of Universal Torrent within 30 minutes of your workout. Mix 3 heaping scoops of Universal Torrent along with 20-25 oz. of cold liquid. For best results, consume Universal Torrent after each training session.


Keep out of reach of children. Before beginning any program, consult your health care practitioner.


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