Joint Help By iForce Nutrition, 120 Caps

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iForce Joint Help Benefits and Results:

  • Promotes Joint Pain Relief †
  • Tendon, Cartilage, and Ligament Repair †
  • Reduces Recovery Time †
  • Non-Liver Toxic Pain Relief †

Joint Help By iForce Nutrition - 120 Caps - Vitamins / Minerals

The key to immediate pain relief is the patented ingredient, ParActin. This astounding natural compound provides both immediate and long-lasting pain relief by naturally invigorating the activation of PPAR gamma (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma or PPARγ). By supplementing the body’s ability to naturally activate PPAR gamma, ParActin helps promote a healthy inflammation response while maintaining normal cellular structure and activity in the joints, bones, and throughout the body. This means immediate pain relief, as well as long-lasting joint pain relief.

When NFkappaB is inhibited, pro-inflammatory cytokines such as Interferon gamma (IFNγ) and Interleukin 2 (IL-2) are reduced. At the same time, pro-inflammatory agents such as COX-2, iNOS, and TNF- also decrease. Instead of focusing on reducing just one enzyme such as COX-2 or certain other cytokines, Paractin naturally inhibits NFkB which results in the reduction of a range of cytokines and interleukins. ParActin is the first and only natural product clinically proven and patented to inhibit NFkB. ParActin is non-toxic and has no side effects.

Support Bone Health:

While most joint support products try to mask the problem, iForce Joint Help goes on the offensive and readily promotes healthier bones. Using an incredibly potent extract of the Cissus Quadrangularis plant, iForce Joint Help offers defense from age and trauma on your bones as it helps preserve, rebuild, and harden your bones where you need it most. We each lose bone density, mass, and hardness as we age. By including this potent herb into your daily routine, this affect can be seriously moderated.

Support Tendons and Ligaments:

Ligaments and Tendons stabilize and strengthen our joints. Keeping these healthy and strong is just as important as keeping your bones strong. iForce Joint Help uses Cissus Quadrangularis as well as ParActin to keep tendon and ligament inflammation within healthy ranges so they can be 100% strong when you need them most.

What's In iForce Joint Help?

iForce Joint Help Supplement Facts

How to Take iForce Joint Help:

General Joint Repair: Consume 1 serving of iForce Joint Help (2 capsules) upon waking with a meal, and an additional 1 serving of iForce Joint Help (2 capsules) 6-8 hours later, also with a meal. Immediate Pain/Inflammation Relief: Consume 2 servings of iForce Joint Help (4 capsules) on an empty stomach, and consume food within 30-45 minutes after dosing. For best results: Do not take Joint-Help at the same time as products/foods that contain stimulants such as caffeine. Joint-Help can intensify the effects of stimulants, so it is suggested to take Joint Help no sooner than 3-4 hours after ingesting a stimulant based product.


Do not consume Joint Help too late in the evening as it may cause sleeplessness. Do not consume more than 4 servings (8 pills) in any 24 hour period. Keep away from children. For adult use only.






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