T.U.T. Bodybuilding And Leg Workout

T.U.T. Bodybuilding And Leg Workout

There comes a time in a person’s bodybuilding training where progressive overload is no longer an option.  Whether injuries have crept up or a frame has been maximized, intensity must still be increased.  Sure, some may benefit from pump workouts with high reps while others prefer throwing around heavy weight and hoping something sticks but tempo is a trick that can prove extremely beneficial.

Time Under Tension

What exactly do I mean by tempo?  Well, the speed at which each rep is done as well as the time in between reps.  If you bench 225 at a 2 second tempo, 1 second down and 1 second up that would be considered standard for an average gym goer.  Now let’sup the intensity a bit and increase the negative by 2 seconds and adding a half second pause at the bottom of the rep.  The rep has now increased by 2.5 seconds.  That means the muscle will be under stress for a longer period and will exert more work.

TUT bodybuilding leg workout 1

So why not just increase weight and increase reps over time and try to be as strong as possible all the time?  Good mind muscle connection is an important factor.  Feeling every fiber of the muscle be engaged and tearing and filling up with blood will make you grow.  Simple as that.  So why doesn’t everyone just train like this if it’s so good?


This training takes immense amounts of focus and will mentally exhaust you and break you down like you could never imagine.  Blacking out in the middle of a set may happen, you might throw up, and your body might give out completely and the muscles just stop working. Welcome to our world.

TUT bodybuilding leg workout 2

Time under tension focused training works best for lower body in my opinion.  While it can work for upper body it may be harder to not shift tension onto unwanted surrounding muscle.  Such as trying to hit chest but instead focusing on shoulders and triceps accidentally.  Prepared are two leg workouts instead, one quad and one hamstring.


Prepare for war.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.  Be hydrated the day of the workout.  Eat a BIG pre-workout meal that digests well.  Take your pre-workout and get ready to suffer.  These workouts will require an immense amount of focus, control, and aggression all at the same time.  When you want to just explode through the rep you must hold back and stay aggressively engaging the correct muscles.  It becomes mentally exhausting.  Be on your best game.

TUT bodybuilding leg workout 3

Good luck.




Adduction machine 4 X 12-16 6 second reps with 1 second pause on stretch (Warmup)
Walking Lunges 4 X 20 Bodyweight (Warmup)
Leg Extensions 2 X 30 2 second reps (1 up/ 1 down)
Leg Extensions 4 X 6-8 16 second reps, 1 sec contraction at top (7 up/ 1 contract/ 7 down)
Hack Squat (feet neutral) 3 X 8 12 second reps (use bands to reduce tension at bottom of the rep)
Hack Squat (w/ Half Reps) 2 X 10 Squat to bottom to half up down and all the way up
Leg Press (feet low & wide) 4 X 8 12 second reps (6 down, 6 up)
Leg Press (feet low & wide) 1 X 30 2 second reps
Walk to car without falling






Abductor Machine 3 X 20 6 second rep, 1 second at contraction (Warmup)
Lying Leg Curls 3 X 20 2 second reps (Warmup)
Seated Leg Curls 2 X 20 2 second reps
Seated Leg Curls 3 X 8 16 second reps, 1 second at contraction
Stiff Leg Deadlift (TBar Platform) 4 X 6-8 10 second reps, 1 second hold at top
Leg Press (Feet high & neutral) 4 X 8 12 second reps with constant tension
Leg Press (Feet high & neutral) 1 X 30 2 second reps



If by the end of these workouts you are not asking yourself why you do this every day I suggest asking yourself if you could have done better.  Could you have squeezed a little harder?  Could you have done a little bit more weight with just as good form?  Remember you will not break any records in these workouts but you will become better.  Isn’t that the reason we all do this?  Be better and Execute.

TUT bodybuilding leg workout 4