Lean Cuisine Alternatives

Frozen Meals
Frozen diets are growing in popularity

Frozen Meal Diets

Do you need to lose weight but don’t have enough time to cook daily? Frozen meals like lean cuisine are growing in popularity. These frozen meals take care of the cooking and planning saving you tons of time but usually at the cost of bland flavor, high sodium, preservatives etc. Sure, in the battle for fat loss, calories are everything and lean cuisine will for sure help you lose weight if the diet is followed appropriately. However, there are many lean cuisine alternatives that can save you time, money, and your taste buds while still helping you lose weight.



Lean Cuisine AlternativesLean cuisine alternative cold cuts

Roasted Chicken or Turkey Cold Cut Sandwich with Whole Wheat Bread

A roasted turkey cold cut sandwich is a quick and easy meal to make. This isn’t the most healthy alternative because there is still a good amount of sodium in cold cuts. However, there are low sodium and preservative free cold cuts available. AppleGate Farms has a great selection. You will need to keep yourself accountable for portion sizes and avoid mayonnaise and other high calorie condiments.


tupperware mealBatch Cooking

This option is not as convenient and will require some planning and one day of the week or month for you to cook all your meals ahead of time and freeze them. Batch cooking is great because the meal options are endless and there is no sodium or preservatives.  The best part is you control everything about your meal. If you don’t like certain vegetables, you can avoid them all together. You’ll need to buy some tupperware containers and labels to mark and date each meal. Once again, keep an eye on portion sizes. Don’t forget this is about losing weight!



Prepare Ingredients Ahead of Timelean cuisine alternatives

If you’re not a big fan of reheating frozen food, this is the next best option. Simply prepare everything you need for your meal ahead of time and save the actual cooking for when you’re ready to eat. You’ll be surprised how much time you can save by eliminating the need to dice up tomatoes and pulling spices out from your cabinet.




Eat Fruits

Although not a complete meal, fruits are an easy and healthy snack. Food prep doesn’t get much easier than peeling a banana! You can also follow up with a protein shake to satisfy your hunger and hit your daily macros.





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Dieting Made Easy

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t need to be slaving over your stove all day and you certainly don’t need to follow a frozen diet meal plan to attain your goals. With a little bit of planing and thought, dieting can be very easy.