Paleo Diets Explained



So what if counting calories and tracking macros aren’t for you? Well there are other options, such as the paleo diet. Basically this diet consists of foods that you would eat way back to the cavemen days. If it couldn’t be hunted or gathered, it’s not on the menu. So this cuts out your grains, sugars and processed foods. So what can you eat? Well here’s a quick run through of the foods you can eat:paleo foods

  • Lean meats consisting of beef, veal, venison, lamb, chicken, bison, etc ( try to aim for grass-fed)
  • Fish such as salmon, tilapia, bass, etc.
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts (Not Peanuts)
  • Naturals oils such as olive, coconut and avocado oils

What about dairy? It depends however most paleo dietitians stray away from dairy products.

This diet does involve a strict restriction from foods that are common for us in today western society. But it’s in it’s simplicity that the paleo diet thrives. Your body’s preferred energy source  is from fats however because today’s diet consists of a lot of carbohydrates, our body’s burn that instead. Whatever carbs aren’t burned for energy are converted to glucose and then stored as fat. By cutting out the cheap carbohydrates from our diet, our body’s burn fat. This process is called ketogenesis. This is why the paleo diet is an effective method for losing fat. However if you’re still skeptical about maintain energy throughout the day without carbs, here is Joe to go over what vitamins and other types of supplements will help improve your energy level both though out your day and in the gym.

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    eu faço o jejum intermitente a uns 6 meses e digo que o resultados são so de benefícios, inclusive para aqueles que busca mais saúde, emagrecimento e disposição, com o auxilio de suplementos, os resultados são satisfatórios, inclusive o DHEA e os HYPERAMINOS, recomendo.
    Use o cupom: AMPMAROMBA e ganhe desconto.

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