Alcohol And Weight Loss

Alcohol And Weight Loss 

You’ve been good all week with your diet and going to the gym. Now its the weekend and you want to let loose with your friends, but how will alcohol affect your weight loss progress?

Alcohol as you may know is a macro-nutrient. Containing about 7 calories per gram, this is nearly twice as much as your proteins and carbs. However unlike the other macro-nutrients, alcohol Alcohol and weight loss 2doesn’t provide a feeling of satiety. Instead your appetite actually increases. As a result you’re more likely to eat on top of the calories you’re consuming through drinking. This is where your weight loss is affected. Alcohol interferes with the how the liver utilizes calories from fat.

Fat being the body’s preferred source of energy. When alcohol is introduced to the body, your liver burns through those calories first. This causes a build up of fatty acid. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink every once and while but moderation is key.  Firstly, you want to make sure that you have eaten your meal for day; you shouldn’t skip out on meal to preserve calories for drinking. With your inhibition loosened and appetite increasing it will be more difficult to resist those munchies. Secondly, you want to make sure you avoid intoxication. Intoxication cause protein synthesis to shut down. This is because when you are intoxicated your body goes into a catabolic state. Meaning you are losing muscle tissue. With that said there is a way to track your drinking into your macros.

Tracking Alcohol into your Macros:Alcohol

  • Your going to need to find out how many calories your drinking has.
  • Next your going to divide this number by 4.
  • This is because you’re going to sacrificing calories from your daily carbs for alcohol.
  • This does not mean they are equivalent to each other.
  • The number you now have is how many grams of “carbs” are in your drink
  • This is the number you will subtract for your daily carbs or add into your macro tracking app.

For example:

Let say you have one 12 oz of a Guinness beer. This is around 125 calories.

So 125/4= 31.25 grams


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