Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition Review Joint Support

Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition Review Joint Support


Alright, you’re at the gym and today’s your day. You ate your hefty 8 egg whites and oatmeal breakfast. You drank your favorite pre workout. It’s the standard pre-lift ritual; nothing new here. But today is special. You load your weights in the squat rack expecting to reach a new mile stone; 405.  Yep, that’s right. There are 8 plates on that bar and today you’re at war with gravity. You say a quick prayer and get underneath the bar…..All systems go!


Squat down. Squat up; that’s one. Good. Everything’s going according to plan and looks like you’re going home alive to lift another day. Squat down. Squat ….crack!


That was the sound of your knees screaming for mercy.

You rack that unforgiving 405 lb bar and step out.  You’re hurting real bad. You can barely walk let alone lift again today. You take that walk of shame out the gym and yes, every one of your bodybuilding friends took note of your early departure today. Workout failed.


Injuries especially joint pain come with the territory. That’s just part of bodybuilding. Every one of us has found themselves in this situation at some point in their lifting career. It happens and when it does it can cost you weeks if not months of training for you to recover. When it comes to injuries and joint pain, prevention is key.


So how can you be proactive about your joint health?

First, make sure your form is perfect when working out and don’t cheat to get those extra few reps. If you’re squatting, try not to go ATG (ass to grass) frequently. Even though you get a better range of motion this will in time hurt your joints. Secondly, make sure your getting enough rest in between workouts. You need to allow your body enough to time to recover and repair any damages from working out.


Your diet is not only important to your gains but even your overall health. This includes your joints. Omega 3 Fatty acids have anti inflammatory properties and have been proven to increase joint mobility. If you’re not getting your omega 3’s from your diet, you definitely need to consider a fish oil supplement. Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplementation may also help alleviate your joint troubles. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are a part of cartilage which acts as a cushion between the bones in your joints.


ANIMAL FLEX PICTUREYou can take these as individual supplements that you stack or you can find a joint health specific supplement that contains everything in a few pills you take everyday. Personally, I take a joint supplement called Animal Flex. I find this easier than opening several bottles every day.


Animal Flex is a dietary supplement by Universal Nutrition that’s specifically geared for bodybuilders with joint pain. Before taking the product, I read up on it as I normally do before committing my money to a full bottle of any supplement.  I found numerous reviews about it; all good stuff.


So I decided to give Animal Flex a try and here’s what I noticed.

If you’re taking this product for the first time it takes a few weeks to kick in. For me, it took about three weeks before I noticed that my joints didn’t ache any more. This product definitely helped me out. It’s a pack of pills containing all natural ingredients that help with joint pain and inflammation like flax seed oil, glucosamine, MSM, ginger root, Hyaluronic Acid etc. You take one pack a day (which has about 8 pills; don’t worry they’re small) with meals. If you’re someone that suffers from chronic joint pain or is hoping to prevent any joint damage from your daily grind at the gym, I would definitely recommend this product. I know it made a difference for me.


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