Sub-Q by Fusion BodyBuilding Review Fat Burner


Sub-Q by Fusion BodyBuilding Review Fat Burner – Click Here to Buy

What is it?

It’s a fat burner from fusion bodybuilding that has something in it that I found interesting. That’s probably going to make me pick this up now since I am starting my summertime diet. Now the breakdown.



Breakdown, so for the beyond ripped complex it has your Branch chain amino acids. The dosage isn’t anything to go crazy about but I’m glad to see that in there because a little goes a long way especially with your leucine.


Then we have something in there called Razberi-K which is their version of raspberry ketones, probably a marketing or a branded version of raspberry ketones of theirs. This increases norepinephrine induced lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation. What does that mean, it helps lipid metabolism the way your body utilizes fat as your stored fat as energy.


Next up we have something called Taraxacum which is Dandelion extract. That is just it’s scientific name. That is basically a diuretic; they have their place sometimes I guess for other areas. But when it comes to weight loss a diuretic isn’t really needed so if you don’t see it in a fat loss product don’t worry about it. As soon you drink water it’s going to come back. You want to stay hydrated anyway, having a diuretic sometimes can cause dehydration if not careful so drink a lot of water when your taking this.



Next up is the Fat-Incinerator complex so in that we have a fancy word for green tea extracts your EGCG, which is an antioxidant and thermogenic aid.


You have your caffeine it’s going to be your stimulant your energy to get done what you have to get done throughout the day.


We also have Coleus Forskohlio so this is one thing I liked about it because it’s been shown to actually naturally increase your own testosterone production as well as aids in a fat metabolism.


It helps lean you out, nothing crazy but it’s one of the more effective ingredients out there which is why I’m actually going to pick this up. I’m going to try it and might do a video later on it about my results. But don’t wait for that if you like what you’re hearing so far definitely try it out and let me know by commenting below on this video.


You have L-tyrosine, it produces or leads to the increase production or helps the production of noradrenalin and dopamine. I think it helps more with the mood than anything else.



And we have something called Salvia Sclarea it’s another mood elevation mood support which is one of the main three things you look for in a fat burning. Since we all get a little cranky when those calories get low and the cardio gets high.



Then we had absorption initiator, whenever you see anything like Bioperine it basically just helps the body utilize the ingredients I just mentioned a little better, it increases the absorption rate, increases the bioavailability of those ingredients.




Based on this breakdown I like some of things in there more so than other fat loss products so I’m giving this 8.5 out 10.


Now how to take it.

Well one serving is 3 capsules. You are going to have 3 capsules in the morning upon rising 30 minutes before breakfast. For example you wake up, pop 3 do what you have to do then eat and same concept goes for lunch.

Don’t take it 5 hours, I would even say 6 to 8 hours before going to bed. Since it is a stimulant base fat burner and you’ll be up at night. I’ve been there plenty of times.


What should you expect

I say this in all my videos on purpose. I don’t want my audience to think I am trying to sell you something as a miracle drug. You have to be on a diet, some sort of calorie restriction. Healthy eating and by healthy I mean eating for your metabolism.

You’re also supposed to have some type of training regimen. Once you have those two in line and you introduced Sub-Q it would definitely help you with your energy levels throughout the day as well as a slight increases in your metabolism and fat metabolism more specifically. So given all that I would definitely check it out again let me know what you think in the comments below.


You can find Sub-Q at Same Day Supplements, retailing for $35.99 giving you 120 capsules.