Shotgun 5X by VPX Review Pre Workout


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So what is it?


Well it’s a pre-workout supplement that judging by the label looks pretty intense.


The Break Down


So this is per scoop. 56 calories and those are coming from your 14 g protein because it has a protein matrix in it.


You have a casein protein, a whey protein isolate and a whey protein hydrolysate -so your covered by every angle of the protein spectrum.


You also have proprietary branched chain amino acid matrix. That has you leucine, your isoleucine and you valine.  Those are the 3 that will make a difference in your workout in regards to energy and aiding you in lean muscle mass production.


You also have a proprietary muscle volumizing nitric oxide, insulin trophic and glutamine matrix. So there’s a lot in here -I’m going to point out the specifics but everything in this group serves basically 2 main purposes that I see.


You have your nitric oxide which expands your blood vessels / dilates them to give you that pump and increases blood flow going to the muscle and increase the waste product being removed from the muscle during your workout.


Insulin trophic so what does that really mean? Basically it’s doing to have an effect on your insulin levels in a positive way to help push things into your muscle cells quicker. When your insulin rises that’s when your cells almost open up so to speak. Don’t quote me on that. That’s a nonscientific way of what insulin does -it kinda helps the body absorb what’s in the bloodstream, mainly glucose.


We also have a glutamine matrix. Glutamine to me really just has an effect on your immune system. Doesn’t really have too much of an effect on recovery but hey it doesn’t hurt to have it in there.


The next matrix: Power, Speed, Strength and Endurance. So you have your beta-Alanine, you have your L-Histidine. You have even more creatine in here -creatine monohydrate.


You also have another form of beta-alanine which is a Ethyl Ester. All that sounds like fancy stuff. When you start to fatigue in the gym, this is going to allow you to pump out those last few reps, basically.


The very last part or matrix of this formula is a Red Line Energy and Meltdown fat burning technology.


So caffeine which really is a fat burner in essence -it’s a stimulant.


Barley which is basically almost like a thermogenic aid.


L-Tyrosine which is more of a mental agent when it comes to your mood enhancement when you are dieting.


So 9 out of 10 based on what I see right here before me on the label.




So this is for one scoop at about 10 ounces of water and it seems good. It’s foamy on top so it’s going to lose a few points there. It’s very mixability but still not going to give it more than an 8 out of 10.




This is the wild grape but the drink is white cause there is no coloring in it which is good. Let’s taste it. OH IT’S GOOD! Has that grape Jolly rancher taste -the best way to describe it. Very little tart but sweet so 9 out of 10 for the taste.


Kick-In Factor:


So now for the review after my workout after taking shotgun 5x. It took a little while about 20-25 minutes before I actually felt it.




Today was a pull day so my back, my biceps, my traps -it was a pretty long and grueling workout. I did not run out of steam so that’s good but my only complaint was I didn’t get that rush -that “headphones on, don’t you dare look at me while I’m working out” experience. I didn’t get that with shotgun 5x but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad pre-workout just that it doesn’t have that extra crazy factor. I gave this one an 8 out of 10.







You can find Shotgun 5x at Same Day Supplements retailing for $37.99 giving you 28 servings. Coming in watermelon, exotic fruit and the wild grape.