PSP Pre Workout by Metabolic Nutrition Review

Building a tolerance to your pre workout? Take some time off.

If you’re big into pre workouts, you’re probably familiar with the fact you start to build a tolerance after while and before you know it the pre-workout you once knew and loved doesn’t affect you the same way. Usually this is when I take a few weeks off from any stimulants. However, as necessary as this is…. I really do hate it. For at least two weeks I can’t have any stimulants and I feel like a raging alcoholic looking for my secret stashes of pre workout samples.

The Shining

But, I always get through it. However, one common question I always get is, can you take a stimulant free pre workout during this time off?


Can I take a stimulant free pre workout?

Absolutely. The main reason we take a break in between pre workouts is to prevent our bodies from developing a tolerance to the stimulants that are commonly found in pre workouts. Taking a stimulant free pre workout allows you to still enjoy the pump and increased blood flow a pre workout has to offer just without the extra energy boost. There are many non stimulant pre workouts to choose from. My favorite is PSP Pre Workout by Metabolic Nutrition.

PSP Pre Workout
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PSP Pre Workout by Metabolic Nutrition

PSP is a solid pre workout by Metabolic Nutrition. Although I like using this pre workout during stimulant breaks, you can really use this as your main pre-workout if you wish to. The great thing is that you can even stack with other stimulated pre workouts to help enhance the pump affect. PSP pre workout is fast acting. You can feel the beta-alanine kick in within 10 minutes of consumption (usually my cue to hit get to the gym quick!).  Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients of PSP Pre workout…

PSP Preworkout LabelBeta Alanine

This ingredient acts as a pH buffer against the lactic acid that builds up and causes fatigue to your working muscles.


Glycerol is molecule that is very attracted to water. When consumed, glycerol has a hydrating affect on muscles and draws water to the muscle cell. This also plays a part in enhancing the pump you feel.

Agmatine Sulfate

This is a derivative of the amino acid L-Arginine and plays a role in regulating nitric oxide in the body. Agamatine Sulfate is also associated with many brain and cognitive benefits.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline Malate is another precursor to nitric oxide and helps reduce fatigue and improve endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic activities such as a weightlifting.


One of the B vitamins. Niacin has many important functions. It is known as a vasodilator and helps improve blood flow to muscles.


This is a form of the BCAA amino acids L-Valine. L-Norvaline improves circulation and nitric oxide levels, maximizing the pump you feel in the gym.


This is an important ingredient for neural communication and enhances cognitive ability. This is often stacked neurotransmitters and noortropics like picamilon.


This is a nootropic and helps improve mood and enhance cognition. Better concentration in the gym will yield better lifts and ultimately gains.



PSP pre workout is available in blue raspberry, fruit punch, green apple, and watermelon. I can personally say the green apple flavor is delicious and highly recommended!



If you’re looking to take a break from your stimulated pre workout, you owe it to yourself to try PSP Pre workout by Metabolic Nutrition.  It’s a fantastic product and I know it will help mitigate the decreased intensity and withdrawals you feel in the gym during your break from stimulants.