Thermo Cuts by Optimum Nutrition Review Fat Burner

Thermo Cuts by Optimum Nutrition Review Fat Burner- Click Here to Buy


What is it?

It’s a fat burner, appetite suppressant basically something that can assist your fat loss journey.


The Breakdown


Let’s go over what’s inside it of it.


Starting off with chromium, chromium regulates glucose metabolism as well as insulin sensitivity.


We have Garcinia Cambodia extract which is an appetite suppressant.


Next is Opuntia Fica-Indica prickly pear fruit, it has been shown to improve glucose levels as well as suppress your bad cholesterol, your LDL cholesterol levels.


We have caffeine as your stimulant. That’s basically needed in any stimulant based fat burner.


There is white kidney bean extract as your starch blocker. By that I mean it’s been shown in a mild case to inhibit the enzyme oblates. In oblates it turns starch into sugar so by stopping that it’s suppose to control blood sugar levels and things of that nature.


Green tea extract, we know their benefits.


Guarana extract is another stimulant base and is very synergistic with caffeine.


We have Trigonella Foenum- Graecum and that’s basically fenugreek extract. I’m actually a fan of that, it has been shown to increase libido, increase your natural testosterone levels as well as enhance glucose metabolism.


CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) it has been shown to increase the utilization of fat molecules that will increase fat metabolism. It is also found in dairy and beef by the way.


L-carnitine, it’s been shown for energy metabolism and mitochondria protection.


I left out some like piper nigum, that helps absorption of all ingredients I just mentioned. There are some things that I wished they had in here but I like the Fenugreek and the white kidney bean extract, something different that you don’t see in many fat burners. So 8 out of 10 for the breakdown.

How to take it

Take 4 caps 30-60 mins before morning and afternoon meals.



You can find Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts at Same Day Supplements retailing for $15.25, giving you 100 servings.