Oh Yeah ONE Bars vs Quest Bars


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  Quest Bars: Still King Of Protein Bars?

Remember when protein bars were pretty much a snickers bar with protein? The idea was great, you can have a delicious snack and get your protein at the same time. The only problem was that they were loaded with sugar and carbs. This is where Quest Nutrition revamped protein bars and actually made them into a feasible snack someone on a diet could take. Quest really made a name for themselves as far as protein bars go but their recent formula changes have some people jumping ship for Oh Yeah ONE Bars instead now.



What Changed?

Quest “upgraded” their formula. They swapped out Isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO) for soluble corn fiber which is reportedly better for your health. The downside to this, if you haven’t tried a quest bar recently, is that the bar is now harder than it used to be and simply doesn’t taste as good as it used to. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still pretty damn good.


Oh Yeah ONE BarsOh yeah one bars

Oh Yeah bars were always renown for their delicious gourmet protein bars. The problem typically found with Oh Yeah bars is that they seem to be candy bars in disguise with high protein content. Not at all healthy but at least you can get some protein in a snack rather than just having a snickers bar. However, they really stepped it up with the Oh Yeah One Bars. As far as macros go, they are pretty much identical to Quest Bars. Let’s take a look at a side by side label comparison.




quest bars vs oh yeah one bars



Oh Yeah ONE Bars vs Quest Bars

Like I mentioned, the macros are almost identical. The real difference between these two bars will be taste and really just your opinion and preference. For this review, I had the opportunity to sample the cookies and cream flavors for both bars. Here’s my thoughts..



Both bars were delicious. It’s amazing how far protein bars have come in taste and still be nutritious. It’s really hard to choose one over the other but I found the Oh Yeah ONE BARS to be sweeter than Quest Bars which maybe great for those of you with a sweet tooth. However, it was a bit much for my preference and for this reason I think Quest Bars were better in taste.



This is the big difference I noticed between the two. Quest Bars (ever since the formula change) are pretty hard to chew. Oh Yeah ONE Bars were soft and definitely jaw friendly! If you have sensitive teeth or have problems chewing  or just don’t like Quest’s hard and chewy consistency, the Oh Yeah ONE Bars are for you.


Overall Thoughts

So that’s pretty much it. It all comes down to your preferences and I can’t speak for everyone else but I prefer Quest’s Bar despite the harder consistency they now sport but I do miss their old formula.



Oh Yeah One Bars Review
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  • Macronutrient Profile


Oh Yeah ONE Bars are a great alternative to Quest Bars especially if you don’t dig the new formula. If you’re in need of a high protein snack, give Oh Yeah ONE Bars a try.