Hi-Tech Off The Chain Aminos Revealed


Off The Chain Aminos!off-the-chain-aminos-dmaa-enhanced-by-hi-tech-pharmaceuticals-b67

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has just joined the energy aminos party with their all new product Off The Chain Aminos.  Off The Chain is very similar to Optimum’s Amino Energy. Let’s take a look at the label:





Amino Blend  + Caffeine + Green Tea Extract


Similar Optimum Amino Energy, Off The Chain features 5 grams of an amino blend which includes 13 various amino acids to help with muscle recovery.  The energy blend is what makes this product unique.  The energy blend features 100 mg of caffeine, llex Guayusa Extract, and green tea extract.






tiredHow to Use Off The Chain Aminos

Off The Chain Aminos is perfect for a quick “pick me up” anytime of the day. You can take it first thing in the morning or in between meals. Think of this as your coffee replacement. It has enough stimulants to wake you up and keep you awake without being too intense. The amino acid complex is also beneficial for your muscle recovery needs.