Nutrex Niox Ultra Review Nitric Oxide


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So what is it? It’s a concentrated natural nitric oxide booster. It’s a pump complex! Something you’ll be taking pre-workout but it is not really considered a pre-workout unless you want to call it a stimulant free pre-workout. We’re treating it as it’s own category so to speak, which is a pump complex.


Speaking of all that let’s go to the breakdown.


So what’s inside Niox.


We have L-arginine Ethyl Ester, glycerine, AgmaPure / Agmatine sulfate and Carsnosyn / beta alanine.


All of these ingredients are designed to dilate your blood vessels, get nutrients to your muscles, get blood to your muscles and lactic acid and other waste products away from your muscles.


My favorite side effect is you’re going to have an insane pump as you work out which is always good when you hit one of those bicep flex shots in the mirror as you work out, we all do it.


So this is great for that I am a fan of pump complexes and judging what I’m seeing here, I like the blend compared to other pump complexes I’ve seen… 8 out of 10 for ingredients listed.


How to take it?

So on the label it says you will be taking three liquid capsules. That’s one thing I didn’t touch on; they are liquid capsules. So they are going to have a little more of a quick absorption rate than taking a hard pill.


On rest days take 3 liquid capsule with 10oz of water, 30 minutes before breakfast and repeat 30 minutes before dinner.

On training days take one of your servings  30 minutes before working out.

For Optimal Results Use Every Day and Stay Well Hydrated Because in ordered to have a pump each muscle cell must be hydrated.


What Should You Expect:

Just an insane pump. I would stack this one with a pre workout that has more stimulates rather than a pump complex, that would make a great stack in my opinion.


You can find Nutrex Niox at Same Day Supplements retailing for $28.47 giving you 120 Caps.