Mesomorph by APS Nutrition Review (OLD FORMULA)

Mesomorph by APS Nutrition

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What is Mesomorph?

Mesomorph Pre Workout has been the king of pre workout since about 2015. It is definitely not a beginner pre workout. Mesomorph has an all-purpose formula. Meaning it’s going to promote insane energy, massive pumps, and enhance stamina like no other pre workout before.

And don’t worry this pre workout isn’t just for mesomorph body types! Whether you’re a Mesomorph, Ectomorph or Endomorph you can unleash your true potential. 

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How Does Mesomorph Give It All?MESOMORPH ROCKET POP

Its simple. Mesomorph provides full clinical dosages of it’s ingredients. Unlike other pre workouts that just pixie dust it in.

  • 6500mg of Nitric Oxide Complex for skin tearing pumps
  • 4500mg of Cell Volumizing Complex for Muscle Hydration
  • 1860mg of Stimulant Complex for Supercharged Energy & Focus



The Breakdown:Mesomorph label

 Nitric Oxide Complex:

  • Beta Alanine
  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG)

So this complex is meant to increase the blood to your muscles. You’ll notice from this an increase in your endurance. As well as a better overall pump. In addition to increasing blood flow this complex will increase the removal of waste products, i. e. lactic acid. Build up of lactic acid  will limit the number of reps you plan to do or cause you to burn out a little faster.This is where these ingredients comes in to play. They help buffer lactic acid that translates to better performance and increased stamina at the gym.

Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix:

  • Di-Creatine Malate
  • L-Taurine
  • Creatine Nitrate
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Creatinol-O-Phosphate
  • Agmatine Sulfate

In this matrix there are 3 types of creatine. Creatine helps with energy levels, strength, and keeps the muscle cells hydrated. These ingredients will help keep your muscle cells hydrated which is going to cause your muscle cell to expand. Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid has antioxidant properties meaning it can provide neuroprotective effects and benefits for blood flow.

Stimulant Matrix:

  • Glucoronolactone
  • Methylxanthine Anhydrous
  • 3,7- Dihydro-3,7-Dimethyl-1H-Purine-2,6-Dione
  • Naringin
  • Geranaburn (1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL)

In this matrix you have various caffeine sources. Some studies have shown that caffeine has nootropic effects and increases energy levels, performance in your strength out put and it decreases your body sense of fatigue so your going to be able to push a little bit longer in the gym then you would with out it. The one that stands out the most is Geranaburn or the 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCL (DMAA).Formally known as germanium oil extract, DMAA is a neurological stimulant which causes a quick spike of energy.  With this you’ll notice a surge of energy and focus in the gym as well as even after the gym.First Pre

How to take Mesomorph:

Mesomorph is a high potency formula, due to this it is recommended that you assess your tolerance. Start off with a lower dose and gradually increase your serving as you see fit. If you are experienced with beta alanine go right to 1 full scoop (mesomorph contains 4000g per serving). If you are not experienced with beta alanine start with 1/2 scoop of mesomorph.

When no tingling or discomfort occurs take 1 full scoop on the next dose and thereafter. If tingling does occur continue 1/2 scoop for 7-10 days then increase to 1 scoop (or as soon as possible).

That warm tingle sensation is just Mesomorph at work. Although it can be strong in some, it is not harmful in any way and will subside once body adjusts. Suggested use: After tolerance has been determined 40 minutes prior to workout, mix one scoop of mesomorph with 8-10 ounces of water, stir adequately and consume immediately on an empty stomach.

Flavor and Mix-ability:Rocket popsicle

I tried the Rocket pop flavor of mesomorph, if you are familiar with the rocket pop Popsicle, it tastes exactly like that. It was a strong flavor but not to tart.
Mix-ability was really good, I didn’t see any clumps or undissolved particles at the bottom of my cup.

Available Flavors listed by Sales

  1. Rocket Pop
  2. Tropical Punch
  3. Green Apple Candy
  4. Pink Lemonade
  5. Tutti Frutti
  6. Snow Cone
  7. Grape
  8. Watermelon
  9. Carnival Cotton Candy
  10. Pineapple


You can find Mesomorph by APS Nutrition retailing for $34.95