Joint Pain and Supplements

Joint Pain and Supplements

So you’re about to get into your workout and you realize that achy joint pain still hasn’t gone away. Now you’re probably wondering if its just an achy joint or if you really hurt yourself. First and foremost you should see a doctor to clear up any possibilities that your joint pain is related to a more serious issue. Once that is cleared up you can let out the breath you’ve been holding on to.  Sore joints are very common for people both active and not active. To help relieve the pain you just need to make a few lifestyle adjustments. And if you don’t have chronic achy joints, you can still take advantage of these tips to prevent it from becoming an issue.




 Why Did It Start?

There are a couple common gym practices that result in joint pain. So this is a time to be honest with yourself and ask ” do I do these things?”

  • Training without warming up.
  • Training for long periods of time and often.
  • Lifting too heavy.
  • Not giving your self time to rest.
  • Practicing less than perfect form.
  • Not consuming enough nutrients.

What To Do About It?

As you can imagine from reading through that list, joint pain is very preventable. Some easy solutions is to get in the habit of stretching before and after workouts. As well as providing  time for a proper warm up and cool down. And possibly the most difficult thing for an athlete to do; rest. You probably spent a good portion of time teaching yourself to push past the pain but sometimes when you recognize a pain that doesn’t feel like it should, you need to pack up your gym bag and head home.  Now in addition to these simple and effective aids there a few supplements we like too. For starters a Multivitamin is always great to have in your tool belt. We are human and sometimes we don’t eat as much of what we should be and that’s where a multivitamin comes in handy, to pick up on the slack. Secondly Fish Oil or a supplement with Omegas can also be beneficial. Omega 3 fatty acids help fight inflammation which helps reduce joint pain in the long run. One of the products we like to recommend is Orange Triad by Controlled Labs. Orange Triad feature both the benefits of a multivitamin as well as  a joint complex. Joint pain orange triad