Orange Triad by Controlled Labs Review Vitamins/ Minerals


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So what is it?

Well it’s going to fall under the category of multivitamins but has a couple extra layers added in here then made me fall in love with a long time ago. Speaking of all the extra layers and multivitamins let’s dive right into the breakdown.


So with regards to the minerals and vitamins I won’t read off every single one on here. You have your bases covered I want to talk about what makes it different from other brands like Century 21.


It has a joint complex and flex complex. For your joints it has glucosamine MSM everything enlisted in these two complexes do just that.

And why is that important well you’re using more than your average person -your ligaments, your joints, your tenants on a daily basis. You’re doing compound movements, you are in the gym, you’re running, dumbbell machines and what have you. It’s good to have some support for those guys in there. That’s one thing I love about this so we when you see the joint complex and the flex complex just know you’re treating your tenants, joints and ligaments properly.


And last but not least is your digestive and immune complex.

You have your echinacea, your ginger, your r-alpha lipoic acid, you have some knotweed in there, -Everything you read in this complex is going to play back to two things: digestion and immune.

Why is that important in a multivitamin? Usually you’re following a diet right? So you want to make sure all that protein, healthy fats, good carbs are being absorbed properly by having digestive enzymes. It just makes sure the body as a whole is running efficiently.


As for immune system believe it or not if you’re going into a grueling session day in and day out you’re actually more susceptible to catching things like the cold or feeling runned down. Not necessarily sick but it’s good to have echinacea and other things that has been shown to give your immunity a boost.



So after saying all that definitely 9 out of 10 for the breakdown and ingredients in here. Great multi vitamin I definitelly recommend it. I personally use it all the time, this is my go to right here.


What should you expect

I’ll cover what should you expect, it’s a vitamin, joint complex, digest and immune support. It is not like a miracle drug by any means but it covers the basics for you and then some.


How to take it?

Since there’s soo much in here you have to take 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills at night. The way I dose it is take 3 with breakfast and 3 with dinner and again they have you covered and than some.


So you can find Orange Triad at Same Day Supplements, retailing for $30.62 giving you 45 servings at 6 pills per day for 45 days is an awesome deal.