Cellucor CN3 Review Creatine

Cellucor CN3 Review Creatine – Click Here to Buy


So what is it?

Well it is a strength and pump amplifier and it focuses just on those two things because the only two things found in here is creatine and nitrates (your N.O. production).

Check out my creatine video, It highlights all the benefits of that but it basically hydrates the muscle cell and increases the anabolic state of the muscle cells. It will translate to increase strength because it’s a more well-functioning muscle cell across the whole body. Nitrate basically increases your N.O. production so increases your vasodilator and brings more blood to the muscles and more waste products away from the muscle. It increases endurance, it increases that pump factor that we all love so much in the gym.


The Break Down

So calories 5, carbohydrate 1g, 500mg of vitamin C because that actually helps increase N.O. production as well and than creatine nitrate (NO3 – T) at 3 g and that’s all you’re going to see in here.

Something like this is great to add to your pre-workout which usually focuses mainly on the stimulants. This has the correct dosage of creatine and nitrates for your pump complex unlike most pre-workouts on their own.

So to rate this well it’s kind of in it’s own category -very simple but effective, I would say for a non-stimulant pre-workout 8.5 out of 10.



Mixability is on point 9 out of 10 there.



This is the cherry limeade and it taste amazing! 9.5 out of 10 for taste. Really, really good.


So that gives the overall score an 9 out of 10.


I just want to touch on one more thing for the practical application of something like this. We get a lot of questions from people taking fat burners who can’t take a pre-workout because it has way too much stimulants in it. This is something I would recommend for them as a pre-workout since it’s stimulant free -still has creatine, still has a pump complex. 



You could find CN3 at Same Day Supplements retailing for $28.99 giving you 45 servings, coming in cherry limeade (which is delicious), fruit punch or unflavored if you just want to throw it into your shake and go.