Cellucor C4 4th Generation Preworkout Review

What’s the difference with the new formula?

So we get a lot of questions from our readers and one popular one is regarding the new formula of Cellucor C4 4th Generation series. Apart from the shiny new label, there are some changes to the product formula which we will cover in this review. So without further ado, we present ….


Cellucor C4
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What is Cellucor C4?


Cellucor C4 4th Gen is the preworkout we all know and love from Cellucor with a few tweaks made. Comparing both the old and new product nutrition labels, the formula is mostly the same. We see they’ve added a bit more beta alanine and 15 mg more of caffeine. But the big difference is that they omitted Synephrine (bitter orange) and instead included theacrine in the new product.


What is bitter orange?


Bitter orange or synephrine is a stimulant commonly used in preworkouts and fat burners. It also has an appetite suppressant affect and can help control hunger. For stimulant sensitive individuals, synpehrine can be too much to tolerate. The manufacturer has now done away with synephrine and included theacrine (teacor) in its place.



What is Theacrine?



Theacrine is a stimulant with a chemical structure similar to caffeine. The advantage here is that theacrine has a longer lasting affect than caffeine and does not seem affect blood pressure.



Cellucor C4 Mixing

I was amazed how well this product mixes in water with little effort. As soon as I dumped one scoop into the glass it seemed to mix itself with water. This is easily a 10/10 score for mixability.





For this product review I tried the Pink Lemonade flavor and I have to say this is easily one of the best tasting pre-workouts I have tried. Flavor was spot on and tasted just like pink lemonade. Cellucor earns a 10/10 once again for flavor.


Overall Score: 10/10





  • Overall Score - 10/10


C4 is overall an excellent pre-workout. After taking, I was ready to hit the gym in about 20 minutes. Even without synephrine, the energy aspect was great. Maybe not as intense as the original formula. However, I did not feel any crash from the 4th Gen which is probably due to the theacrine. I did definitely feet my muscles swell up. The pump was very noticeable and even lasted about 30 minutes post workout! There are some pre-workouts I wouldn’t widely recommend to everyone due to potency. This is a product I feel anyone could take without getting any of the jitters or energy crash that are associated with some of the other stimulant heavy pre-workouts. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete, you will enjoy Cellucor C4.