Carnigen By Evogen Review

Carnigen By Evogen Reviewcarnigen

What is it?

Carnigen by Evogen Nutrition is a great tasting fat loss aid designed to enhance metabolism and recovery. Carnigen features:

  • key vitamins,
  • minerals,
  • bioavailability enhancers
  • And four types of carnitine to support fat loss.


Carnigen labelThe Breakdown:

  • L-Carntine L-Tartrate
  • L-Carntine L-Fumarate
  • N-Acetyl  L-Carntine
  • L-Carnitine Orotate

The first ingredient in this blend is L-Carntine L-Tartrate which increases testosterone uptake and has the best bioavailability. L-Carntine L-Tartrate also supports cellular energy recovery from exercise. This is because it’s excellent at providing your muscle cells with more oxygen. L-Carntine L-Fumarate supports cardiovascular energy and helps maintain healthy lipid metabolism.

This is done by basically shuttling your fatty acids into your mitochondrial cells from the process of ATP production. This will result in increased energy levels and more importantly help your body use fat as energy.

Next is N-Acetyl  L-Carntine, which is more of a nootropic. This is something that will help increase your cognitive abilities such as your mind-to-muscle connection.

In addition to being a nootropic, N-Acetyl  L-Carntine will also help with low testosterone and overall cardiovascular health. Lastly we have L-Carnitine Orotate which promotes the reproduction of liver cells as well as having a positive affect on blood-sugar levels.

By shuttling glucose into the muscle cells in your body, your body can utilize carbohydrates more efficiently than doing so by itself. The main goal to is to increase the utilization lipids. Meaning using your fat to supply energy for your body.


Carnigen by evogen comes in two versions: With caffeine and without caffeine. Carnigen plus caffeine is 80 servings and comes in  two flavors; sour apple and mango lemonade. Carnigen caffeine free is 90 servings and comes in three flavors; watermelon, raspberry lemonade and grape.

The grape flavor is great, not too strong or tangy. Carnigen once opened should be kept in the refrigerator to help preserve freshness.  It can be taken prior to cardio, as an intra-workout or as part of your post workout regimen.

You can find both version of Carnigen by Evogen is retailing for $29.95


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