CellMass 2.0 by BSN Review Muscle Builder


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So what is Cellmass 2.0.

Well basically it’s a glutamine, creatine and branch chain amino acid supplement. Let’s see what’s inside the breakdown.


So this is going off of one packet which i believe is an equivalent one scoop. So we get 10 calories and of those 10 calories we got 1g of carbs 2 g of protein 0 g of fat. So then we got the proprietary blends. Starting with recovery composite.

You have your whey protein, your hydrolyzed whey protein in a small amount, this is enough to trigger some muscle protein synthesis as soon as you do take it.

And next we got glutamine and glutamine peptides, which helps a lot more with your immunity more than anything else but some people like it because they believe it helps with health recovery.


We have their creatine complex which they’re calling a myogenic matrix. They have various forms of creatine but all I care about is the creatine monohydrate because that is the best, I went over that on my creatine video if you want to go and check it out.


Now we have an insulin interfusion so basically taurine and banaba extract. So the taurine is usually a little bit of a boost but what I like to see or what I like that i’m seeing is the banaba extract leaf. And has been shown to mildly help with insulin sensitivity a.k.a. its going to throw this into your muscle cells quicker and hit the blood sooner than it would if you didn’t have it in there.


Judging by this it’s kind of a unique thing to critique against because it’s not just the branch chain amino acid supplement, it also has your creatine, also has a little bit of a hydrolyzed whey in there. It’s not bad, usually when its not bad something that doesnt really stand out as incredible or terrible usually gets an 8 out of 10 so we’re going to go with 8 out of 10 with the breakdown based on ingredients.


Cell mass 2.0 retails at Same Day Supplements for $34.99 giving you 50 servings or $23.13 for 30 servings. And keep in mind this is designed to replace her glutamine, your creatine and your branched-chain amino acid supplements. It’s not too bad, price to scoop ratio right there. It comes in grape, watermelon, blue raspberry and Arctic Berry.



If I had to rate it right now on mixability, 7.5 out 10. Reason why I went a little lower than i usually do because when Im on the go and I shake something up I want to drink it right now and not wait for the fizzness to die.


And as far as taste goes for flavor we have blue razz. Flavor is not bad, not good, it taste like water with a hit of blue raspberry.

So 7 out of 10 for flavor. Doesn’t wow you, it doesn’t disappoint you really too much, it’s like alright its there.


Cellmass 2.0 Review
  • Breakdown (Ingredients) - 8/10
  • Mixability - 7.5/10
  • Taste - 7/10


So that gives cell mass 2.0 your creatine, glutamine, branch chain amino acid supplement a 7.5 out of 10.