BSN Carnitine DNA Review Fat Loss


BSN Carnitine DNA Review Fat Loss –  Click Here to Buy


L-carnitine is designed to aid in fat loss program as well as energy production or energy metabolism.

Break Down

Alright now for the breakdown so we got 95 mg of calcium and 500 mg of l-carnitine so that’s pretty much all you’re going find in here. I would recommend stacking this another BSN products CLA to work good together. L-carnitine basically increases fat utilization as an energy source and kind of almost shrinks but help aid in the reduction of fat cells but not to a huge degree. It’s something thats going to aid your current supplement regimen. so just from the label, to me 9 out of 10 because it just has l-carnitine in it and that is what you’re pay for.


What should you expect by taking BSN Carnitine.

For a fat burner you need to have a nutrition plan in place, you have to have a workout regimen in place and the little things start to add up into a support aid for your fat loss goals but don’t expect to be blown away by just taking this and not doing anything. Again i would stack both this and the CLA together with your fat burner if it doesn’t already have it in there. Some do and don’t so check and if not add these two in there and you will notice a difference.


Now how to take BSN Carnitine?

It doesn’t really give you suggestive use to you other than taking one tablet twice daily before meals. I would take one in the morning and two at lunch or two before you workout. Just judging by the amount in here I would like to see more than 1000 mg of l-carnitine per day around 1500mg so that would be three of these in a day. This is based on the amounts that are used in studies that show they can have a small effect on your fat burning goals. So I personally would take it.


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