ACUTS Review: AllMax Nutrition Energy Supplement


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Are you looking for a mild “pick me up” but need to avoid coffee and the extra sugar? AllMax Nutrition has just released their all new product; ACUTS (aka Aminocuts), that is perfect for the job! Here’s a quick review!


What is ACUTS?

ACUTS is an all new amino / energy supplement designed to give you quick pick me up without the additional sugars and calories of a coffee or a typical energy drink from seven eleven.



Initial thoughts…

I really like the ingredient profile in ACUTS and believe it will be great to replace my daily post lunch coffee with something that has no sugars but still offers a great energy boost without leaving me twitching and feeling like Dave Chappelle on the lookout for some illicit recreational street drugs.

dave chappelle pre-workout

ACUTS does contain some extras you won’t find in your Starbucks macchiato like… well obviously amino acids, CLA, green coffee extract; all really great ingredients especially if you’re dieting and trying to lean out. This product is actually very similar to Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy but with added CLA.




acuts mixing

ACUTS mixability was great. I would say comparable to Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy maybe even slightly better because Amino Energy does have a tendency to clump in solution. I would rate 9/10 for mixability.




For this review I tried the Goji Berry Martini flavor and I was quite impressed! ACUTS was refreshing with almost like a pink lemonade or ice tea consistency. Very enjoyable and best part; no coffee breath! Taste Score: 9.5/10


Overall Score: 9.25 / 10