Nutrex N-Vein Pre Workout First Look

Pre Workouts Have Changed

Over the years, pre workouts have some how lost their identity. Back in the day, you took a pre workout to enhance the blood flow to your working muscles aka the pump. Recently, pre workouts have been formulated more towards energy and mental clarity. Many lack what we like to call a “pump complex”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They were essentially assigned a new purpose which is to get you in that mental zone where you can just kill your workout at the gym. However, some people like myself do appreciate the pump pre workouts used to offer. Arnold said it best himself in Pumping Iron…”The pump is the greatest feeling in the world!”


Fortunately, the people at Nutrex have realized this trend and have now created a supplement specifically to address this issue. Introducing Nutrex N-Vein!!

Nutrex N-vein
Nutrex N-Vein


Nutrex N-Vein is a pre workout enhancer.  It’s designed to complement your favorite pre workout with a pump complex. The product is stimulant free so you can stack this along with any pre workout and not worry about overdosing on stimulants. Let’s check out the ingredients!

N-Vein label



HydroMax is a combination of glycerol and silica. Many Pre workouts use Glycerol Monostearate (GMS). HydroMax is superior because it contains more glycerol than GMS. Glycerol helps draw water to the muscle cell, hydrating it while also maximizing the pump.

Cluster Dextrin

Cluster Dextrin is a high quality performance carbohydrate. This is added to help boost energy during workout and also to prevent clumping or “caking”  within the powder. This carbohydrate produces a minimal spike in Insulin after consumption which is beneficial for individuals trying to lean out.  Cluster Dextrin is a better carbohydrate over dextrose, maltodextrin, or waxy maize which are typically used in pre workouts.


This is form of nitrates which are used to increase nitric oxide production in the body. N02 is a vasodilator and will increase blood flow to your muscles enhancing the pump you feel and see. But more importantly, your muscles will be able to perform better due to the extra oxygen and nutrients that come with increased blood flow.

Electrolyte Blend: Potassium Bicarbonate & DiMagnesium Malate

Electrolytes are very important in hydrating you cells while you workout. This is the same principle as Gatorade and now you can enjoy these benefits with your pre workout with Nutrex N-Vein.


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