Kai Greene : “The Predator”

Kai Greene : The Predator

How He Started:

Kai Greene was born July 12th in Brooklyn, NY. At the young age of 6, Kai Greene had become a ward to the state; living in foster care for over 10 years. Due to his rough background, Kai struggled to find a place in his community. The result of these struggles lead to Kai misbehaving at school and ultimately leading to the threat of being kicked out of both school and his foster home. The gym becoming his sanctuary even at the young age of 13. With the addition of good genetics and the support of his 7th grade English teacher, Kai began to see his potential in this new world.

Finding His Calling:kai greene

The beginning of his bodybuilding career was a hit. Over the course of 5 years Kai competed in numerous teen competitions and dominated them all. At 19, Kai received his Pro card in a natural bodybuilding federation. His early success pushed him further into the industry, aspiring to become a bodybuilding icon. Kai choose to spend the following years, after winning the 1996 WNBF Pro Natural Worlds, to developing his physique.  Kai soon realized the big leagues were going to  be a bit harder than the teen competitions he was familiar with. Although placing respectably in multiple shows, Kai didn’t feel satisfied with his performance. With the mindset to do better and be bigger, Kai was dedicated to being the best he could be. He had even established himself as a rising star by winning the NPC Team Universe Championship by the end of 1999. Not only did he walk away with a trophy, but Kai had fulfilled his ambition of becoming an IFBB professional bodybuilder. 

At the age of 24, he’d earned his Pro Card. Between 2010-2016, Kai placed 1st in 7 shows including four more Arnold Classic victories. It was this success that cemented his place as one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world. The Predator being a nickname given to him by his fans throughout the years. Kai even began creating a collection of large canvas paintings, and held his first art show in 2011. By 2015, Kai experienced an increase in popularity due to his art and accomplishments in bodybuilding. He took advantage of this by launching his own supplements company, Dynamik Muscle.Kai-Greene-art

All in All

If there is one thing to gain from learning about Kai Greene’s journey it would be this; never give up. No matter how hard the struggle may be, with enough support and motivation you can succeed in any of your goals.