CT Fletcher: The story of Growth and Regrowth

CT Fletcher: The story of Growth and Regrowth

For those of you who are unfamiliar with CT Fletcher, he  is an American ex-powerlifter, actor, and video-blogger. A 3 Time World Bench Press Champion and 3 Time World Strict Curl Champion  and you could see him in the film I Accidentally Domed Your Son or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. CT Fletcher risen in the face of many challenges from his youth into his adulthood. Staying humble and motivating those around him every step of the way.

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The Growth:

CT Fletcher from his youth showed interest in a fit lifestyle, starting Karate at 18 and in 1979 earned his second degree black belt. From then on Fletcher strived to be the best. Whether it was in bodybuilding or powerlifting, the goal had been the biggest and strongest. And he was successful, entering and placing in various competitions. It wasn’t till 2001 when the lifestyle of being a big gainer caught up with his preexisting condition. At 42, CT Fletcher had been deemed disabled. Between eating at surplus and stressful work condition, Fletcher’s heart had become weak. During the spring of 2005, Fletcher had undergone emergency open heart surgery. After flat-lining 3 times Fletcher had survived the surgery and on his way to recovery.

The Regrowth:

After the surgery Fletcher wasn’t out of the woods. There was a long road to recovery including months of hospitalization. Even after being released from the hospital CT Fletcher still needed to face struggles at home. But Fletcher’s strength didn’t end in the gym, he pulled through. Once again lifting weights at the gym, now following a healthy diet and fitness regime that allowed him to continue bodybuilding and even competing. Now in addition to his titles and films, CT Fletcher also has his supplement line (including his pre workout SIDEWALK KRAKA)  and his Iron Addicts Gyms. CT Fletcher continues to motivate people while sharing his own life story through his vlogs on YouTube and through his teachings; including the 10 Commandments of Muscle Growth.

What are the 10 Commandments of Muscle Growth?

As CT Fletcher explains, muscle growth involves 10 basic process from you that once you master, will reward you with the gains you’re looking for. So lets go into the commandments.

  1. Train your mind harder than your body.

    To get the body you want it requires a lot of discipline, focus and hard work. Training your body will get you results but without discipline you will be selling yourself out short.

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  2. Never accept someone Else’s limitations.

    People will question you abilities, it is inevitable. But it is also essential that you believe in your abilities. Set your own limits and break them time and time again.

  3. Pain is essential.

    Anything in life that you desire will come at a cost. It comes back to that old saying ” if it were easy, everyone would do it“. But it is not easy, it’s uncomfortable but with being uncomfortable comes the pride of having gotten so far. As CT Fletcher says ” Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!”

  4. Listen to your body.

    Now every lifter knows that feeling, that question ” Am I sore or did I hurt myself?”. There will be soreness and pain but knowing when you’re uncomfortable versus being in agony can make the difference between gains and injury.

  5. Visualize the body you want.

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    Constantly remind yourself what your goal is, whether its a physique goal or a weight goal. Keep yourself in check by keeping track of your progress and don’t lose sight of the big picture.

  6. Don’t let your body adapt.

    The hardest part of sticking to a routine is when you’ve been on it for so long you stop seeing progress. Whats has happened is you’ve reached your plateau. Meaning your body is now adapted to the movements, weight, the whole routine. So what do you do? You change it. Change the exercises, the split, the diet. Keep your body guessing, keep your body gaining.

  7. Multiple angles are essential to growth.

    Everyone is different, from their current bodies to the goals. Because we are all different we can’t have a one-size fits all/ cookie cutter routine that will work for everyone. Find exercises and nutritional diet plans that work for you and keep working for you will be essential to your independent growth.

  8. Learn the Meaning of “Overload”

    Push yourself to your max. Don’t stop when you’re tired stop when the set is done. Like Fletcher says,” It’s Still Yo Mutha Fuckin Set!” Your muscles need to tear to grow this is where the pain will come and a few days later it will still be there, maybe even worse. But when in doubt see commandment 3.

  9. Become obsessed.

    You will need to be dedicated. Not only in the gym but in you, you’re new lifestyle. You deserve the body you want but without the dedication, discipline and everything else, you will struggle.

  10. Never become satisfied.

Once you reach your goal, whatever it is, the journey is not over. To maintain that or even grow more you will need to readjust your goals, your routine and constantly push yourself to being the best you can be.

Going over the 10 commandments as CT Fletcher explained them, I only see growth and gains for the those who follow them.