Dust Extreme With DMAA Revealed!

Introducing Dust Extreme With DMAA!

If you have tried and loved Blackstone Labs Dust V2 preworkout, we have a surprise for you! Blackstone Labs announced they will be coming out with a new version of the preworkout called Dust Extreme with DMAA. Normally, when a new version of preworkout comes out it tends to be sub par compared to the original. However, you can feel assured this will not be the case with Dust Extreme.


What’s Different?dust extreme with DMAA

Blackstone did not disclose too much about the new formula. As the name suggests, this version of Dust will be more intense and features 75 mg of DMAA.


What Can We Expect From Dust Extreme With DMAA?

Energy and Focus. Tons of it. If you’re a preworkout junkie, you probably have tried or at the very least heard of APS Mesomorph preworkout, one of the strongest preworkouts available right now. Mesomorph contains 65 mg of DMAA. This preworkout will rival mesomorph. Dust Extreme will contain an extra 10 mg of DMAA over Mesomorph. This is a potent formula and not meant for stimulant sensitive individuals. Once available, you may want to start with a partial servings to gauge your tolerance before starting out on full servings. Dust Extreme will be available in a unique flavor; sour gummy bear. If you’ve tried APS Mesomorph Rocket Pop, you owe it to yourself to try Dust Extreme Sour Gummy Bear in the upcoming weeks!


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